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A History

Valley of the Sun Ultimate has been an official non-profit organization for less than 30 years, but it has been a community of players and organizers for much longer. New Year Fest, our locally run tournament, entered its fourth decade in 2012.

This page is an attempt at an inclusive history. It is a work in progress. If you have materials or reminiscences, please email me at webmaster@vots.org ~Katherine Nabity, 07/09/20



New Year Fest XXVIII


Best of VOTS 2010


New Year Fest XXIX


  • Spring League 2011

    Champion: Joystick
    Captains: Patrick & Marlena Nardi

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  • Women's League 2011

    Champion: Lucky Charms
    Captain: Kaetlynn Daoust & Erin Donahue

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  • Friday Night Flights 2011

    Results not recorded.


New Year Fest XXX


  • Friday Night Flights 2012

    Champion: Black Bear Bicycle

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  • Fall League 2012

    Champion: Blackout
    Captains: Pat & Marlena Nardi

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  • Sunday Fall League 2012

    Champion: Ice Cream Sunday

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  • Winter Women's League 2012

    Champion: SnowBALLAS
    Captains: Cheyenne Lopez & Jody Sheets

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  • Winter Men's League 2012

    Champion: Green-Man Woman Haters Club
    Captains: Eric Bay & Bryan Paris

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New Year Fest XXXI


  • Spring League 2013

    Champion: Hucktoberfest
    Captains: Jason Chen & Erin Donahue

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  • Summer Women's League 2013

    Champion: Hanky Pankies
    Captains: Breanna Bryant & Erin Donahue

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  • Summer Men's League 2013

    Champion: El Gringos
    Captains: Bill Christensen & Nick Rodeck

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  • Friday Night Flights 2013

    Champion: Purple Drank

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  • Fall League 2013

    Champion: Office Disc Space
    Captains: Crystal Hall & Tom Studer

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  • Winter Women's League 2013

    Champion: The Blue Team
    Captains: Emily Claricoates & Amanda Kaestner

    Teams | Results

  • Winter Men's League 2013

    Champion: Redrum
    Captains: Tim Streit & Tom Studer

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USAU Southwest Club Regionals 2013

  • VOTS hosted the 2013 USAU Southwest Club Regionals.

    Congratulations to Revolver & Condors (Open), Polar Bears, Mischief & 7 Figures (Mixed), Fury & Nightlock (Womens) for earning bids to the National Championship competition.


New Year Fest XXXII



New Year Fest XXXIII



New Year Fest XXXIV



  • Rubix Ultimate welcomed Club Mixed teams to the first-ever Coconino Classic, Aug 13-14, held in beautiful Flagstaff, AZ.

    Coconino Classic is a SANCTIONED mixed tournament. In its first year, it hosted 8 teams. The tournament was also a fund-raising event for Ultimate Peace.

  • USAU Southwest Regionals 2016

    Southwest Regionals were held in Phoenix, AZ at the Reach 11 Sports Complex, Sept 10-11, 2016.


New Year Fest XXXV


  • Winter A/B League 2017

    Champion A Division: Blue Steal
    Captains: Justin Gries & Sarah Hill

    Champion B Division: Clifford
    Captains: Danielle Marshall & Stephen So

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  • Spring League 2017

    Champion: ...but it's a dry heat...
    Captains: Brenton Hard & Sarah Hill

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  • Crawl, the open master's team, won USAU's Southwest Regionals and advanced on to Masters Nationals (July 21-23 in Aurora, CO). A Phoenix team hadn't won the southwest championship since Plastic Surgeons in 1992. At Nationals, Crawl broke seed to finish 6th in a field of 16 teams.

    Riding High West also competed at Nationals in the inaugural year of the Women's Grandmasters division. They also broke seed to finish 4th in a field of six.

  • Sprawl (open), Phoenix Uprising (women's), and Superstition (mixed) all earned bids to USAU Club Regionals.


New Year Fest XXXVI


  • Summer League 2018

    Champion: Blue Hawks
    Captain: Clifford Capria

    Teams | Results

  • Fall League 2018

    Champion: Canyon de Chilly
    Captains: Joanne Aspinall & Brian Colson

    Teams | Results | Playoffs

  • Men's Winter League 2018

    Champion: Stocking Full of Coal
    Captains: Mike Hall & Paul Otto

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  • World Masters Ultimate Club Championship

    Local team Crawl was invited to compete at the World Flying Disc Federation's World Masters Championship in Winnipeg, Canada on July 29–August 4th.

    WFDF's WMUCC site
    Crawl vs. Wolpertinger (Germany) via Big Media Sports

  • Coconino Classic

    Phoenix area club mixed teams acquitted themselves well in competition at Flagstaff's Coconino Classic. ROBOS took home the championship over California's Long Beach Legacy and Rubix and Superstition battled for third.

    ROBOS vs Rubix Highlights (pool play)


New Year Fest XXXVII


  • A/B Winter League 2019

    Champion A Division: Black Ice
    Captains: Erin Donahue and Mike Hall

    Champion B Division: Yellow Tail
    Captains: Matt Nock and Liesl Pimentel

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  • Spring League 2019

    Champion: Red Mountain Mamas
    Captains: Ted Bland and Kody Lippincott

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  • Summer League 2019

    Champion Session 1: Rendez-blue
    Captains: Allyson Pacini and Timothy Streit

    Champion Session 2: Team 1 (WHITE)
    Captain: Kris Kaufman

    Teams | Results

  • Fall League 2019

    Champion: 2019: A Disc Space Pants Odyssey
    Captains: Ryan Blackman & Ashley Stahl

    Teams | Results | Playoffs

  • Winter League 2019

    Champion: Team 2

    Teams | Results



  • USAU Mixed Masters

    Snowbirds mixed masters team competed at USAU Nationals the weekend of July 19-21. In their first season of play, Snowbirds finished third in our very competitive southwest region and broke seed at nationals to finish tied for 7th. Snowbirds is one of the Valley's first mixed masters teams and continues the strong tradition of masters ultimate in the Phoenix metro.