VOTS Spring 2018, photo by Quan Nguyen

Fall League 2016 ~ Playoffs

Congratulations to Jar Jar Pinks, Fall League 2016 Champions!

Jar Jar Pinks
Photo courtesy Ted Bland

Sportsmanship Winners
Photo courtesy Stephen So

Congratulations also to our first annual Sportsmanship Award winners:

Randy Hade
Michael Moramarco
Justin Dhein
Rudy Jimenez
Darren Bateman
Scott Foss
Matt Nock
Mike Simmons

Ken Mayer
Ben Goldman
Dominick Kane
Matt Beversdorf
Cole Cairl
Ryan LaFevre
Nicole George
Jonny Allred

Photos from the Regular Season by Stephen So

Finals were played on Saturday, November 12th, starting at 10am at Tempe Sports Complex.


Hoth Pool
T1 - The Path to the Mark Side
R4 - The Force is Not Enough
T5 - Force Dump
R8 - Rise Like Rey
Jakku Pool
R1 - Our Schwartz > Yours
T4 - ChewBlockYa
R5 - The Adventures of Batman & Robin: Blue Rey Edition!
T8 - Naboost It
Naboo Pool
T2 - Skylo Ren
R3 - Padawan-a-WIN
T6 - Death Starmie
R7 - Space Bar
Tatooine Pool
R2 - Super(storm) Troopers
T3 - Jar Jar Pinks
R6 - Admiral Ackbar and the Rebel Alliance
T7 - Sky You We May?

Schedule and Results

Saturday Schedule
Start Time Soft Cap Hard Cap
Game 1 10:30 11:55 12:05
Game 2 12:15 1:40 1:50
Semis 2:00 3:25 3:35
Finals 4:00 5:25 5:35

Games at Benedict (Ben) and Tempe Sports Complex (TSC).

"T" and "R" refer to games played on Tuesday & Thursday.

Sportsmanship Awards will be given out between Semis and Finals.

Hoth Pool Schedule
Rd Team Score Score Team
T Path to the Mark Side 15 9 Force Dump
R Force is Not Enough 15 14 Rise Like Rey
1 Path to the Mark Side 15 9 Rise Like Rey
1 Force is Not Enough 15 8 Force Dump
2 Path to the Mark Side 8 10 Force is Not Enough
2 Force Dump L W Rise Like Rey
Jakku Pool
Rd Team Score Score Team
T ChewBlockYa 15 6 Naboost It
R Our Schwartz > Yours 15 8 Batman & Robin
1 Our Schwartz > Yours W L Naboost It
1 ChewBlockYa 13 8 Batman & Robin
2 Our Schwartz > Yours 15 9 ChewBlockYa
2 Naboost It L W Batman & Robin

Naboo Pool
Rd Team Score Score Team
T Skylo Ren 13 10 Death Starmie
R Padawan-a-WIN 14 13 Space Bar
1 Skylo Ren 15 2 Space Bar
1 Padawan-a-WIN 13 12 Death Starmie
2 Skylo Ren 11 8 Padawan-a-WIN
2 Space Bar W L Death Starmie
Tatooine Pool
Rd Team Score Score Team
T Jar Jar Pinks 14 8 Sky You We May?
R Super(storm) Troopers 15 9 Admiral Ackbar
1 Super(storm) Troopers 14 10 Sky You We May?
1 Admiral Ackbar L W Jar Jar Pinks
2 Super(storm) Troopers 9 15 Jar Jar Pinks
2 Admiral Ackbar L W Sky You We May?

Team Score Score Team
1 Winner Hoth Pool - Force is Not Enough 13 14 Winner Tatooine Pool - Jar Jar Pinks
2 Winner Jakku Pool - Our Schwartz > Yours W L Winner Naboo Pool - Skylo Ren
Team Score Score Team
Winner Semis 1 - Jar Jar Pinks TSC 1e Winner Semis 2 - Our Schwartz > Yours

Playoff Rules

The same as General League Rules with the following exceptions:



For capping purposes, a point is considered to begin immediately after the preceding goal is scored.

Subject to change.

For more information, contact League Director, Ted Bland.

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