VOTS Spring 2018, photo by Quan Nguyen

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Spring 2012 M/W league

Congratulations to The Disc is Mayan, Spring 2012 League Champions!


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Game one of pool play was played during the week on April 23rd & 25th at Diablo.

The remaining two games of of pool play, semis and finals were played on Saturday, April 28th at Benedict, 2pm-10pm. All teams will played a minimum of 2 games on Saturday with a cookout party during semifinal and final rounds.


Acan Pool
Hammer of Doom
Oaxaca Huckas
So Long and Thanks for All the Disc
The Four Horsemen
Bacab Pool
Huckocalypse Now!
Team X
Tomorrow Never Dies
(And I feel fine)
Cabrakan Pool
28 Lays Later
Zombies vs Mayans
Dzacab Pool
Operation Repopulation
The Disc is Mayan
Chicxulub Survivors Club
The Day The Disc Stood Still

Playoff Schedule

Pool Round 1 will take place at regular M/W game times during the week of April 23rd.

Saturday, April 28th, schedule:

Round Start Time Soft Cap Hard Cap
Pool Round 2 2:20 3:45 3:55
Pool Round 3 4:05 5:30 5:40
Rookie All-Star Game 5:45 Field: 5w Capped at 6:05
Semis 6:10 7:35 7:45
Finals 8:00 9:25 9:35

Fields for Saturday, April 28th

Saturday's games will be held at Benedict Fields in Tempe: Location, Layout

Note: DO NOT jump the fences/walls north of the fields to retrieve discs. Retrieval of the disc must be done by knocking on the front door of the appropriate residence and obtaining permission from the property owner. The penalty for an INDIVIDUAL getting caught going over the fence will be loss of all reservations FOR THE USER GROUP on any City of Tempe soccer fields.

Acan Schedule
Team Score Score Team
M Hammer of Doom 15 5 So Long and Thanks for All the Disc
W Oaxaca Huckas 10 15 The Four Horsemen
2 Hammer of Doom 15 8 The Four Horsemen
2 So Long and Thanks for All the Disc 13 9 Oaxaca Huckas
3 Hammer of Doom 15 10 Oaxaca Huckas
3 So Long and Thanks for All the Disc 15 9 The Four Horsemen
Bacab Schedule
Team Score Score Team
M Huckocalypse Now! 15 10 Tomorrow Never Dies
W Team X 15 5 (And I feel fine)
2 Huckocalypse Now! 15 8 (And I feel fine)
2 Team X 15 6 Tomorrow Never Dies
3 Huckocalypse Now! 14 13 Team X
3 Tomorrow Never Dies 14 9 (And I feel fine)
Cabrakan Schedule
Team Score Score Team
M Scoobernova 15 5 Hammergeddon
W 28 Lays Later 15 11 Zombies vs Mayans
2 28 Lays Later 15 5 Hammergeddon
2 Scoobernova 12 11 Zombies vs Mayans
3 28 Lays Later 14 10 Scoobernova
3 Zombies vs Mayans 15 7 Hammergeddon
Dzacab Schedule
Team Score Score Team
M The Disc is Mayan 15 3 The Day The Disc Stood Still
W Operation Repopulation 15 11 Chicxulub Survivors Club
2 Operation Repopulation 15 5 The Day The Disc Stood Still
2 The Disc is Mayan 15 5 Chicxulub Survivors Club
3 Operation Repopulation 3 15 The Disc is Mayan
3 Chicxulub Survivors Club 13 9 The Day The Disc Stood Still
Team Score Score Team
S1 Hammer of Doom 5 15 The Disc is Mayan
S2 Huckocalypse Now! 11 15 28 Lays Later
Team Score Score Team
F The Disc is Mayan 15 14 28 Lays Later

Playoff Rules

The same as General League Rules with the following exceptions:

Subject to Change.

If you have any questions, please contact the director.

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