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A/B Winter League 2017 ~ League Playoffs

Congratulations to Blue Steal, A League 2017 Champions, and Clifford, B League 2017 Champions

Blue Steal, picture by Sarah Hill

VOTS also honored long-time player and community contributor, Dave Abdoo, on his retirement from AZ ultimate and his impending move to Michigan.

Dave & Friends, picture by Quan Nguyen

The A/B League end of season tournament was held on March 4 at Tempe Benedict.

B League

Round 1
Play-In 1 Marshmallows 12 9 Mad About Saffron
Play-In 2 Walgreens 11 7 Indigo-go Deep
Round 2
Semi 1 Paint It Black 13 10 Marshmallows
Semi 2 Clifford 15 4 Walgreens
5th Place Mad About Saffron 11 10 Indigo-go Deep
Round 3
Final Paint It Black 10 15 Clifford
3rd Place Marshmallows L W Walgreens

A League

Semi 1 Blue Steal 15 3 Team 2A
Semi 2 White Snakes L W Team 1A
Final Blue Steal 15 8 Team 1A
3rd Place Team 2A W L White Snakes

Start of Round Soft Cap Hard Cap
12:15 1:40 1:50
2:00 3:25 3:35
3:45 5:10 5:20
5:30 6:55 7:05

Playoff Rules

The same as General League Rules with the following exceptions:



For capping purposes, a point is considered to begin immediately after the preceding goal is scored.

Subject to change.

For more information, contact LD Tim Streit.

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