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A History

Valley of the Sun Ultimate has been an official non-profit organization for less than 30 years, but it has been a community of players and organizers for much longer. New Year Fest, our locally run tournament, entered its fourth decade in 2012.

This page is an attempt at an inclusive history. It is a work in progress. If you have materials or reminiscences, please email me at webmaster@vots.org ~Katherine Nabity, 07/09/20



New Year Fest XXXVIII


  • Due to COVID-19, leagues were cut short and cancelled in 2020. A/B Winter League playoffs were cancelled and champions were determined by regular season win/loss. Spring League was cancelled in the third week after a welcome night game, one regular game, and rain-out.

  • A/B Winter 2020

    Champion A Division: DEFPOTEC
    Captain: Jake Hadziev

    Champion B Division: The Greengo Starrz
    Captains: Matthew Beversdorf, Sherri Mankofsky, Vick Mehta

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  • Arizona Sidewinders

    The Arizona Sidewinders are the first professional Ultimate team in the state of Arizona. As part of the Western Ultimate League, the Sidewinders want to foster growth within the sport and provide a way for all women to compete on a stage which showcases high-level, competitive Ultimate.

    Alas, the inaugural WUL season has been sidelined by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Arizona Sidewinders


New Year Fest XXXIX

  • New Year Ultimate Fest 39, which was originally scheduled for January 30-31, 2021, was cancelled due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Spring League 2021

    Champion: Cyanara
    Captains: Lauren Berg & Brendan Carriel

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  • Fall League 2021

    Champion: Back 4 Blood
    Captains: Allyson Pacini & Logan Waskiewicz
    Most Spirited Players: Carlos Diaz & Jody Sheets

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New Year Fest XXXIX

  • After a special session meeting on Saturday 1/8/22, the Valley of the Sun Ultimate Association (VOTS) Board of Directors has voted to cancel the upcoming New Year Ultimate Fest tournament.

    A number of factors played into the Board's decision. The ongoing spike of Omicron infections, including break-through cases; reports of significant infections at similar events; concerns about travel disruptions for out-of-state teams; possible COVID-related personnel disruptions to all teams; and the potential for field access to be restricted to only in-state players were all discussed. While the Board takes no pleasure in canceling the event, they felt that there was not enough confidence that the New Year Ultimate Fest could be held with the high level of competition and amenities that have been the tournament’s hallmark for 40 years.


  • AB Winter League 2022

    Champion, A League: Circle K
    Captains: Kris Kaufman & Kody Lippincott

    Champion, B League: Blubeluga
    Captains: Keith Aspinall & Eliza Laden Mauro

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  • Spring Leagues 2022

    Champion, Mixed League: Flyin' Hawaiian
    Captains: Cassie Cox & Brian Parma

    Champion, Open League: Nacho Average Team
    Captains: Dean Nelson & Dustin Udall

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  • Summer League 2022, First Session

    Champion, Wednesday League: Sushi Stack
    Captains: Liv Chambliss & Tim Streit

    Champion, Thursday League: Frozen Bananas
    Captains: Katie Campbell & Tim Streit

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  • Summer League 2022, Second Session

    Champion: Man, I Like Frogs
    Captains: Jacob Dixon & Nicole George

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