VOTS Spring 2018, photo by Quan Nguyen

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What is VOTS?

The Valley of the Sun Ultimate Association (VOTS) is a non-profit Arizona corporation, incorporated in October of 1993. VOTS' mission statement is as follows:

Valley of the Sun Ultimate Association (VOTS) is a non-profit Arizona corporation dedicated to fostering the growth and health of the sport of Ultimate in the Phoenix metropolitan area. VOTS works to achieve this goal by sponsoring leagues, hosting tournaments, organizing open scrimmages, and developing youth Ultimate. VOTS is a volunteer organization and has no paid employees.

Who is involved with VOTS?

All VOTS decisions are made by the board. VOTS has a history of endeavoring to involve the Valley ultimate community in its decisions, but the board is the sole group required to conduct VOTS business. VOTS officers need not be board members.

VOTS membership is conferred on individuals who sign up for VOTS leagues, or who notify the president of their interest in being a VOTS member.

What does VOTS do?

VOTS serves primarily as a source of seed money for the organization of ultimate events and activities in the Phoenix metropolitan area. VOTS endeavors to have several items consistently on the Valley ultimate calendar—New Year Fest, Spring League, and Fall League. VOTS relies on the altruistic contributions of time and effort of Valley ultimate enthusiasts to pull these events and other activities together.

How does VOTS function financially?

VOTS' genesis was due to an accumulation of funds from the operation of the New Year Fest and local leagues. As the local ultimate community gradually began to be able to seed tournaments and leagues from these accumulated funds, a small group of Valley ultimate enthusiasts joined in the organization of a non-profit corporation in order to more effectively conduct the business of organizing these events.

In general, VOTS continues to budget for a modest excess for tournaments and leagues it sponsors, with proceeds (after taxes) going back into the general fund. VOTS has some regular expenses such as storage, the web site, and liability insurance.

What about new players?

New players are always welcome to participate in Spring & Fall leagues, many of the other 6-8 game leagues, and pick up games labeled as "Open" on the calendar. Leagues described as "competitive" are probably not good choices for new players. VOTS also occasionally runs an Introductory "league" which focuses on teaching fundamentals.

What about "competitive" play?

Many of the scrimmages that take place in the Valley are intended for "competitive" players. These are typically identified as such on the VOTS schedule. Play at these scrimmages is generally akin to tournament competition.

Who can play?

Between open scrimmages, competitive scrimmages, and league, virtually everyone interested in playing should be able to find a game that suits them.

What is league?

League is a blast! Coed teams are formed via a draft so that teams are as equal in strength and gender mix as possible. A schedule of games is played, and all teams play multiple games at playoffs to mimic a tournament experience. League schedule info is posted to this site and on Facebook. Leagues are intended for adults only.

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