VOTS Spring 2018, photo by Quan Nguyen

Winter Women's League 2015 ~ Schedule & Results

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(win-loss, then point differential among tied teams (denoted by numbers in parentheses), then point differential for divisional games, then disc flip)

Teams Win Loss Pt. Diff.
Team 1 1 --
Team 1 1 --

12/02/15 - Remaining three women's games will be between teams picked at the fields that night. Please, bring a white shirt and a dark shirt each night.

Captains, please send your scores to the webmaster.


Regular season games are Benedict (Ben).


  • Teams labeled SETUP are responsible for setting up fields before games on that field.
  • Teams labeled PICKUP are responsible for picking up cones at the end of the evening.

Set-up for Benedict: Fields should be set three (3) feet in front of the soccer goal post for the back line, a 22 yd yard endzone should go PAST the soccer line and near top of the circle, and as wide as possible on field 1 (do not use soccer sidelines).

Tuesday, Nov. 17th
Cones Team Score Score Team Cones
Blue L W White
Thursday, Nov. 19th
Cones Team Score Score Team Cones
one field
Blue W L White PICKUP

Tuesday, Dec. 1st
Cones Team Field Team Cones
Blue Ben 1w White SETUP
Thursday, Dec. 3rd
Cones Team Field Team Cones
PICKUP Blue Ben 1w White

Tuesday, Dec. 8th
Cones Team Field Team Cones
SETUP Blue Ben 1e White PICKUP
Tuesday, Dec. 15th
Cones Team Field Team Cones
Blue Ben 4e White SETUP

If you have any questions, please contact Tim Streit.