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Spring 2014 League Finals

Congratulations to
The Strange Case of Dr. Heckle & Mr. Skied
Spring League 2014 Champions!

North Scottsdale celebrated League Finals with us. (Photo courtesy Stephen So)

Early games were played in 20mph winds. Discs were floating every which way! (Photos courtesy Alex Rentzis)

The Strange Case of Dr. Heckle & Mr. Skied (Photo courtesy Stephen So)

Photos from Playoffs by Alex Rentzis
Photos from Playoffs by Stephen So
Photo from Regular Season Play by Stephen So


Playoffs were Saturday, April 26th at Scottsdale Sports Center. Playoffs consisted of a single bracket of 16 with consolation games. Food and drinks during semis and finals!

PDF of Schedule
Scottsdale Sports Complex field map

Nabity Predictions

Playoff Rules

The same as regular season rules with the following exceptions:

  1. Points:
    • Games to 15
    • Win by 2
    • Cap at 17
  2. Mirror:
    • Mirror at half
    • No halftime
  3. Caps: (except for third round consolation games)
    • Soft Cap:
      • Add two to highest score.
      • Play to the lesser of 'highest + 2' or 15
      • First to that score wins (no need to win by 2).
    • Hard cap:
      • For capping purposes, a point is considered to begin immediately after the preceding goal is scored.
      • Finish the current point. The game is over unless it's a tie.
      • If the game is tied, play one more point.
    • If the lights go out before a game is officially over, the game will end immediately. If the disc is in the air when the lights go out and it is caught in the dark in the end zone for a score, it will count. In any other situation, the game will immediately end even if it is mid-point. If the game is tied, the game will be scored as a tie.
  4. Timeouts:
    • 3 timeouts per game, max 2 per half
    • After softcap horn blows, no timeouts
    • No timeouts in hardcap
    • No subs in a timeout

If you have any questions, please contact LD Dave Abdoo.

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