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A History

Valley of the Sun Ultimate has been an official non-profit organization for less than 30 years, but it has been a community of players and organizers for much longer. New Year Fest, our locally run tournament, entered its fourth decade in 2012.

This page is an attempt at an inclusive history. It is a work in progress. If you have materials or reminiscences, please email me at webmaster@vots.org ~Katherine Nabity, 07/09/20



New Year Fest XVIII



New Year Fest XIX


  • Spring League 2001

    Champion: Wham-O
    Captains: Andy Roesch & Karen Pepe

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Best of VOTS 2001


New Year Fest XX


  • Spring Competitive League 2002

    Champion: Stephen B. Hucking
    Captain: Sam Levenberg

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  • Spring League 2002

    Champion: Sexual Inyorendo
    Captains: Phil Brown & Vicky Thrasher

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Best of VOTS 2002


New Year Fest XXI


  • Fall League 2003

    Champion: Seadiscuit
    Captains: Keith Aspinall & Emma Harty

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UPA Southwest Regionals


1st Annual Hangover Hat

  • Announcement: There will be a short co-ed hat tournament (3 games) at Diablo on New Years Day. Registration will be from 1:30-2:00 pm. Games will be at 2:30, 4:15 and 6:00. Cost will be $5.

New Year Fest XXII


  • Winter Competitive League 2004

    Champion: The Hebrew Hammer and the Disciples of Disc
    Captain: Sam Levenberg

    Teams | Results

  • Spring League 2004

    Champion: Killer Tomotoes
    Captain: Tim Streit

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  • Fall League 2004

    Champion: Endzone Eyes
    Captains: Sam Levenberg & Abby Hoover

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UPA Desert Sectionals 2004

  • Announcement: Games for all divisions (open, womens, mixed) for the Desert section will be held at Benedict Fields in Tempe on September 18 and, if necessary, September 19.

  • Update: In open/masters, Ironwood finished first, followed by Iocane, Sprawl, and Sunburn. On the womens side, Sol Sistas finished first, followed by the Huckwallas.


New Year Fest XXIII



New Year Fest XXIV


  • Spring League 2006

    Champion: Unstoppable Hucking Technique
    Captains: Kevin Hatch & Kate Ihle

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UPA Southwest Regionals 2006


New Year Fest XXV


  • Spring League 2007

    Tuesday Champion: Mooninites
    Captain: Andy Roesch

    Thursday Champion: Magnum
    Captain: Justin Gries

    Teams | Schedule & Results

  • Women's League 2007

    Champion: Las Margaritas
    Captain: Sarah Youngblood

    Teams | Results

UPA Desert Sectionals 2007

  • Update: The UPA Desert Sectional Tournament for all divisions was played Saturday, Sept. 15th in Tempe.

    Ironwood placed first in the open division with Sprawl second. The co-ed combined city team of Barrio took first in the mixed division, and Ultimate PHX-ation held their #2 seed.

UPA Southewest Regionals 2007

  • Results: Ironwood, the valley's masters team, will be headed to the national championships for the second year in a row. They defeated LA's Faded in a tooth and nail game for the bid to go, winning 15-11.

    Also headed to the championships is Barrio, the mixed city co-ed team. Barrio ended the weekend undefeated.

    The UPA Club Championships will take place Oct. 25-28th in Sarasota, Florida. Valley of the Sun Ultimate will be well represented.

Other Media

  • Video: Sprawl
    Daweena in Ogden, UT


New Year Fest XXVI


  • Spring Hat League 2008

    Tuesday Champion: S.N.O.T.
    Captains: Clint Gregory & Emily Haydon

    Thursday Champion: Bear Down
    Captains: Nathan Austin & Eliza Gregory

    Teams | Results

  • Spring League 2008 Part II

    Champion: A-flick-tion
    Captains: Vincent Noe & Jamie Fleming

    Teams | Results | Playoffs

UPA Southwest Regionals 2008

  • Sprawl and PHX-ation went to regionals.


New Year Fest XXVII


UPA Southwest Club Regionals 2009

  • VOTS hosted the UPA Southwest Regional tournament over the weekend of October 3rd and 4th.

    Congratulations to the teams who have secured bids to the National Championship tournament in Sarasota, FL:

    • Johnny Bravo (Boulder, CO) and Streetgang (San Diego, CA) in the open division.
    • Lady Condors (Santa Barbara, CA), Rare Air (Boulder, CO) and Safari (San Diego, CA) in the women's division.
    • Barrio (Tucson, AZ), LA Metro (Los Angeles, CA) and Cougars (Denver, CO) in the mixed (coed) division.
    • Beyonders (Santa Barbara, CA) and Double Black (Denver, CO) in the master's division.

    Finally, let's give a big THANK YOU to Keith Aspinall, our intrepid tournament director, and coordinators Randy Ricks, Jeff Grobe, Brian Calle, and Heather Kinkead.