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New Year Fest XXXVI

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January 27th & 28th, 2018
Phoenix Reach 11 Sports Complex
Phoenix, Arizona
TD: Evan Yamada


Step 1: Fill Out Bid Information

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Step 2: Submit Entry Fee

Entry fee is $470

Payment: Payment will only be accepted online via PayPal by "sending money to family or friends" to and using a PayPal balance or checking account so that no fees are deducted.

Please note, bids are not accepted first-come, first-served. However, early bids are appreciated and will be given consideration.

Refund policy for canceled bids (subject to change):

  1. Before 12/18/17: Full refund
  2. Between 12/18/17 and 1/8/18: 50% refund
  3. After 1/8/18: no refund

Questions? Need more info? Email TD Evan Yamada.

Subject to change.


New Year Ultimate Fest 36 will be held at Phoenix Reach 11 Sports Complex.


Information will be added soon.

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