VOTS Spring 2018, photo by Quan Nguyen

A/B Winter League 2019 ~ League Playoffs

Black Ice and Yellow Tail
A/B Winter League 2019 Champions!

Black Ice photo
Black Ice, photo courtesy Amanda Loh
Yellow Tail photo
Yellow Tail, photo courtesy Amanda Herrmann

Playoff games were held on Saturday, Feb. 9th at Benedict Park.

Start of Round Soft Cap Hard Cap
2:15 3:40 3:50
4:00 5:25 5:35

A League Semis
Set Up: G6
Team Field Time Team
1 Seed – Team 7 W L 4 Seed – G6
Team 5 L W Black Ice
A League Finals / 3rd Place
Team 7 L W Black Ice
G6 W L Team 5
B League Semis
Set Up: Baby Llama Drama
Team Field Time Team
1 Seed – Yellow Tail 15 4 4 Seed – Not Fast, Just Furious
2 Seed – Baby Llama Drama 7 6 3 Seed – Redy & Swilling
B League Finals / 3rd Place
Yellow Tail 14 8 Baby Llama Drama
Not Fast, Just Furious N/A N/A Redy & Swilling

Playoff Rules

The same as General League Rules with the following exceptions:



For capping purposes, a point is considered to begin immediately after the preceding goal is scored.

Subject to change.

For more information, contact LD Tim Streit.