VOTS Spring 2018, photo by Quan Nguyen

Women's League, Winter 2015, Teams

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Please, bring a white shirt (or an unambiguously dark shirt) and a shirt in your team's color to each game.
Teams will be remixed after two games. Names subject to change.

White Team 2 Dark Team 2

Emily Bell
Andrea Canizares
Lindsey Doedens
Erin Donahue
Shannon Howard
Everett Johnson
Amanda Kaestner
Kody Lippincott
Kirstin MacLean
Lisa Malo
Inga Nappi
Kelly Payne
Sara Simmons
Ashley Stahl
Cynthia Thomas
Andrea Torvinen

Sarah Aber
Joanne Aspinall
Debbie Christensen
Emily Claricoates
Linnette Cruz
Kaetlynn Daoust
Cecile Dinh
Robin Greene
Emily Haydon
Ronda Jameel
Kathy Mauck
Amy Minowitz
Katherine Nabity
Allyson Pacini
Kimberley Seeley
Jody Sheets
Marnie Wong

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