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Fall 2012 T/Th League

Congratulations to Blackout, Fall League 2012 Champions!

More Playoffs Photos by Stephen So

LD Tricky's League-end Summary:

Hello VOTSlanders, and thank you for another great Fall Season. You all made this a great finish to the season with Saturday's playoffs. Congratulations to Blackout for winning it all!

Also want to congratulate Doom Shaka Laka for a hard fought second. The finals was quite enjoyable, even with the wind increasing and the temperature decreasing. Brrrrrr, it got cold watching from the sidelines.

Pool Play

Doom Shaka Laka and Ragnarhuck rolled, going undefeated in their respective pools. Blackout and NostraDomination had to squeak through and get some help.

NostraDomination won their first game of Saturday and had to play a tough Tikal Taco Stand, who was missing Angie Xiong (potential game changer). Tikal lost in their first game Saturday against Dark Slime. So for Tikal to make it to Semi's they would need to beat Nostra. If Dark Slime lost, then Tikal would just need to win. But if Dark Slime won, Tikal would need to win by 6. Dark ended up winning and Tikal actually beat Nostra, but just not by enough :( So NostraDomination made it to semis.

Blackout had their own backdoor to make it to Semi's. They also lost the first game against Tropical Storm so needed to beat Hucking Kangaroos by 3, if Tropical Storm won again. TS did win, and Blackout did win by 3, so snuck in.

Semis (These were some awesome semis)

Nostra versus Doom: This was a close game throughout, until Nostra took a 13-9 lead late. Doom turned things around and down 13-12 and the hard-cap horn sounding, Doom scored to tie, and then got the D and scored to win on Universe! What a comeback, but maybe the effort took a lot out of them...

Ragnarhuck versus Blackout: Ragnarhuck was well-rested and came out strong. Blackout had to rush just to get started on time. So Ragnar came out to an 8-0 lead. It's over right? Wrong. Blackout found something extra deep in their respective bellies and fired it up, making a huge comeback and winning 12-11 at cap. Wowza, I know.

Finals: Blackout versus Doom

Early polls had Doom by 4 in this game, thinking their team speed and handling in the wind would make the difference. Early on it seemed like the prognosticators were going to be right, with Doom coming out to a 3-0 lead. But wait, here come those wily Blackouters! They made their own run to tie it at 3s and 4s. Then they started to pull away while Doom started turning the disc over with some extra-aggressive plays that had worked before. But the beast that is Pat Nardi was swatting away every deep throw made toward him. Blackout took half 8-5 and had a lead of about 11-5 or 11-6. Doom wasn't going to go quietly into the ever-cooling and windier night (with drops of rain falling) as they made a comeback to get it close. But, as twilight loomed and hard-cap coming on, Blackout held on to win 14-12 with Doom scoring the last point (I think that final score is accurate). What a game. Excited for next league!

Pick 'Em and Fantasy Ultimate

Paul Otto ran a weekly Pick 'Em all season long and Fantasy Ultimate during finals. Here are the results from Paul:

After 91 games in Fall League and about 50 people participating in Pick'em over the course of season, we have a clear winner. Blackout's surprising championship (nobody picked them to win it all) meant that few people scored well. Our winner was the only person to correctly pick all 4 pool winners (and also the only one to pick both finalists), plus he was leading the standings before playoffs began. So congratulations to our winner, Bill Christensen! Here's the final leaderboard:

Bill Christensen - 66
Bobby Wang - 59
Paul Otto - 58
Nathan Holzinger - 57
Stephen So - 56
Nick Johnson - 56
More Pick'em Results

In a finals game that featured 58 turnovers, scoring positive points was sometimes a challenge. Congrats to the overall top scoring fantasy player, Ryan Blackman, with a whopping 9 points! Ryan also led all players with 4 goals; Bret Engstrom led with 5 assists, and Dustin Udall led with 4 Ds.

The best possible fantasy team would have scored 26 points and consisted of Ryan Blackman (9), Dustin Udall (5), Pat Nardi (3), Jon Peterson (3), Jeremy Gonzalez (3), Amber Barney (2), and Laura Tan (1).

And the winner of Fantasy Finals is... Brett Carr! Brett scored 23 points by picking Blackman, Udall, Nardi, Cade Huninghake (2), Nick Leffers (1), Barney, and Tan. Right on Brett's heels were Eric Nabity (22), Eric Bay (20), Cole Cairl (18), and Marnie Wong (17).

Thank to all 47 people who participated. Look for Fantasy Finals to be back next spring... but I'll need someone else to keep score, since I'll be playing in finals!


Armageddon Pool
Doom Shaka Laka
Love Boat
Eve of DISCtruction
Bitter End Pool
Hucking Kangaroos
Tropical Storm
Survival of the Flickest
Calamity Pool
Disc Too Shall Pass
Disaster Pool
Tikal Taco Stand
Dark Slime

Playoff Schedule

Pool Round 1 will take place at regular T/R game times during the week of November 6th.

Saturday, April 28th, schedule:

Round Start Time Soft Cap Hard Cap
Pool Round 2 10:20 11:45 11:55
Pool Round 3 12:05 1:30 1:40
Semis (updated) 2:00 3:25 3:35
Finals 4:00 5:25 5:35

Fields for Saturday, November 10th

All games at Tempe Sports Complex.

Armageddon Schedule
Team Score Score Team
T Doom Shaka Laka 15 7 Quetzlcoatl
R Love Boat 15 6 Eve of DISCtruction
2 Doom Shaka Laka 15 7 Eve of DISCtruction
2 Quetzlcoatl 8 12 Love Boat
3 Doom Shaka Laka 12 7 Love Boat
3 Quetzlcoatl 14 9 Eve of DISCtruction
Bitter End Schedule
Team Score Score Team
T Hucking Kangaroos 15 12 Tropical Storm
R Blackout 15 8 Survival of the Flickest
2 Hucking Kangaroos 15 6 Survival of the Flickest
2 Blackout 12 13 Tropical Storm
3 Hucking Kangaroos 9 12 Blackout
3 Tropical Storm 11 7 Survival of the Flickest
Calamity Schedule
Team Score Score Team
T Disc Too Shall Pass 15 3 Prediction...Pain
R Ragnarhuck 15 7 M.A.D.
2 Ragnarhuck 15 2 Prediction...Pain
2 Disc Too Shall Pass 10 8 M.A.D.
3 Ragnarhuck 15 6 Disc Too Shall Pass
3 M.A.D. 7w 12:05 Prediction...Pain
Disaster Schedule
Team Score Score Team
T Tikal Taco Stand 15 6 Apocaloptimists
R NostraDomination 15 6 Dark Slime
2 NostraDomination 5e 10:20 Apocaloptimists
2 Tikal Taco Stand 10 12 Dark Slime
3 NostraDomination 10 13 Tikal Taco Stand
3 Dark Slime 12 11 Apocaloptimists
Team Score Score Team
S1 Doom Shaka Laka 14 13 NostraDomination
S2 Blackout 12 11 Ragnarhuck
Team Field Time Team
F Doom Shaka Laka 12 14 Blackout

Playoff Rules

The same as General League Rules with the following exceptions:

Subject to Change.

If you have any questions, please contact the director.

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