VOTS Spring 2018, photo by Quan Nguyen
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Update (COVID-19) – 4/20/20

Spring league players,

As you know, due to the ongoing issues with Covid-19 we had to cancel the Spring League and it looks unlikely that we will be able to anything in early May. We have now begun to process the refunds for the league (it will take several days to get them all out).

Although we did play several nights at the beginning of league, we are still going to issue full refunds. We really hope that we will see you back in our leagues and other events when we are able to resume play in the future.

For those of you who got your league shirts, just consider that a bonus gift for showing up for a short and rainy night of ultimate, but please hold on to those since we plan to use those shirts in a future league and some of you could be on that same color team...

We definitely miss you all, can't wait until we can get together to play again, and hope that everyone stays well until then.

If you have any questions, please email Tim

Club Ultimate

AZ Mixed Ultimate – Update

May 29, 2020

Dear Phoenix Club community,

To all of our friends, we hope you and your families are staying healthy during this difficult time. We want you to know that the community's safety is our priority as we regularly evaluate the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are writing to update ultimate players in Phoenix about the current status of the unified club system we have been advancing this year.

Collectively, our situation is uncertain. The CDC's current guidelines around community gatherings has not changed since March 12, and local parks vary when they will reopen again, some not until July. In recent days, USA Ultimate released its official position on May 15, and the basic takeaways are:

  1. No competitions in June or July will count towards rankings for the Fall Series
  2. Teams will not be required to have 10 games to qualify for the Fall Series
  3. There has not yet been a decision if the Fall Series will occur, and players and organizers should consult local guidelines for hosting and participating in competitions sanction by USA Ultimate

Even given this update, a lot of uncertainty remains. Many teams anticipate that the fall series will be cancelled, but others are holding out for the possibility that a delayed or modified series will still take place.

Given USA Ultimate's preliminary decisions, we want to respond to this as quickly as possible. We continue to share the vision that the valley will have a united frisbee system that is governed by players and driven by Spirit of the Game and a desire to be the best players we can be. But, fairness of tryouts and team bonding were big priorities for nearly everyone, and it will be difficult to deliver both given the current circumstances—at least, before August.

For the part of the unified mixed system, those serving on tryout and organizing committees need to hear from you about where you are at right now when it comes to frisbee. We have been looking into what other cities and teams have been doing. Needless to say, there are a lot of polls being sent to frisbee players around the world right now. We have included one which is linked below.

There are some options before all of us, depending on what choices people want to make with their own time and risk exposure, that advance frisbee in the valley. It can be helpful to fight for something positive and productive, especially now. If people want to play this season and bet on the Series happening, there could be teams rolled out that still give people a chance to play even if the rigorous tryout and practices we had planned on aren’t possible yet (fields, for instance, are still unavailable in many of the usual places). If people don’t want to play until next season, this group can respond by hosting clinics and tryouts toward the end of 2020 to make sure we have as much momentum as possible heading into the next season. No matter what the club teams look like, there is still the same overall goal of uniting players.

You’ve likely been thinking about this a lot, and have some ideas of your own. Please take a minute to fill this survey out by Tuesday, June 2, and we will get back to people by next Friday, June 5.

No matter what, we are with you, and we know that people are taking care of each other. Looking forward to the next time we can see one another, wearing cleats or not.

Stay healthy, safe and be well!
Arizona Mixed Club Coordinated System Restructuring Committee

From the webmaster: Apologies for the late posting of this information.

Professional Ultimate

Arizona Sidewinders

Arizona Sidewinders logo

The Arizona Sidewinders will be the first professional Ultimate team in the state of Arizona. As part of the Western Ultimate League, the Sidewinders want to foster growth within the sport and provide a way for all womxn to compete on a stage which showcases high-level, competitive Ultimate.

Find out more and support pro ultimate in Arizona!

Let's Play!

Pick Up Games

3/30/20 – Many of the games below are temporarily cancelled. Please, check sites and/or email organizers before showing up to play.

Multiple Dates/Times






Upcoming Area Tournaments

If you have a tournament you'd like listed, email at webmaster@vots.org

Other Playing Opportunities

Club Teams

Youth Ultimate


Past VOTS Events

New Year Fest 38

NYF logo

New Year Fest XXXVIII
January 25th & 26th, 2020
Phoenix Reach 11 Sports Complex
Phoenix, Arizona

Divisions: Sanctioned College Men's, Sanctioned College Women's, Open I & II, Women's

Congratulations to NYF 38 Champions:

NYF: More Information | NYF 2020 Program & Schedule | Email TD Evan Yamada

Winter League 2019

Congratulations to
Team 2, Men's Winter League Champion!

Questions?, contact LD Tim Streit.

Fall League 2019

Congratulations to
2019: A Disc Space Pants Odyssey
Fall League 2019 Champions!

Space Pants! photo courtesy Stephen So

Questions?, contact LD Mike Hall.


Mixed Masters

Congratulations to Snowbirds!

Snowbirds mixed masters team competed at USAU Nationals the weekend of July 19-21. In their first season of play, Snowbirds finished third in our very competitive southwest region and broke seed at nationals to finish tied for 7th. Snowbirds is one of the Valley's first mixed masters teams and continues the strong tradition of masters ultimate in the Phoenix metro.

Masters is an age-restricted division. Men must be age 33+; women 30+.

Westcoast Women's Professional Ultimate

San Diego Wolfpack

The San Diego Wolfpack (featuring many Phoenix metro ladies) finished the season 2-1, closing out the season with decisive away-game win over the LA 99s.

The other Wolfpack games can be found at the Westcoast Women's Professional Ultimate's site.

Visit Westcoast Women's Professional Ultimate for more information about the league.