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New Year Fest

New Year Fest XXXVI

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January 27th & 28th, 2018
Phoenix Reach 11 Sports Complex
Phoenix, Arizona

Divisions: Women's, Open I, Open II, and
sanctioned College Men's and College Women's

TD: Evan Yamada


Fall League 2017

Congratulations to Killer Kallahans from Outer Space, Fall League 2017 Champions!

Killer Kallahans photo
Killer Kallahans from Outer Space
photo by Brenda Eden

Questions? Email LD Vick Mehta

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USAU Club Championships

Shout out to Sprawl, Phoenix Uprising and Superstition for representing at USAU's regional tournament!

USAU's club regionals were held Sept. 23rd & 24th in Del Mar, CA. Below are links to tournament info and results.


Congratulations to Crawl and Riding High West
for admirably representing the VOTS community at USAU Masters Nationals

Crawl secured their bid to Nationals in the men's masters division by going undefeated in regional play. A Phoenix team hasn't won the southwest championship since Plastic Surgeons in 1992. Crawl went to the tournament seeded 8th and broke seed to finish 6th in a field of 16.

Riding High West playing in USAU's inaugural women's grandmasters division. Riding High West also broke seed, finishing 4th after their initial seeding of 6th.

Well done, ladies and gentlemen!

The Masters National Championship took place in Aurora, CO, July 21-23.

Spring League 2017

Congratulations to ...but it's a dry heat..., Spring League 2017 Champions!

While ...but it's a dry heat... never ranked above 4th during the regular season, the Tuesday night 6-seed, beat both the top Tuesday team and the top Thursday team (16-2 combined in the regular season) to grab the championship in a universe point victory!

Questions? Contact LD Vishal (Vick) Mehta.

A/B Winter League

Congratulations to Blue Steal, A League 2017 Champions, and Clifford, B League 2017 Champions

Blue Steal, picture by Sarah Hill

VOTS also honored long-time player and community contributor, Dave Abdoo, on his retirement from AZ ultimate and his impending move to Michigan.

Dave & Friends, picture by Quan Nguyen

Questions? Contact LD Tim Streit.

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