VOTS Spring 2018, photo by Quan Nguyen

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Fall League 2023 (mixed) WMP Pickup Hangover Hat New Year Fest 40

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Fall League 2023

Tuesday, December 5th
Cones Team Field   #   Team Cones
Book-hens TSC 5w Pick Up
Set Up Phlamingo Phlyers TSC 5e Guardians, Volume 3
Wednesday, December 6th
Cones Team Field   #   Team Cones
Pick Up Husk It to Me Pec 1w Wing of Fire
Bird Degree Burn Pec 1e Party Foul
Set Up
Pick Up
Hukt awn Fenicks Pec 7 MiracleGro Set Up
(field 1)

Valley of the Sun Ultimate

Questions? Email LD Logan Waskiewicz

WMP Pickup – Happy Holidays!

Hangover Hat

When you thought the party was over, but it’s just getting started…

New Year Fest 40

New Year Fest banner

Jan 27-28, 2024
Bid Information Now Available!

Hello VOTS players!
New Year Fest 40 is coming. We are planning to go BIG this year, so that means a few things.

  1. We will need volunteers. Please let me know if you'd like to help out. More specific requests will be made as we get closer to the date.
  2. We need ideas: If you have any ideas on what would make NYF40 one for the ages, please let me know.
  3. If you'd like to receive more information and NYF specific emails, let me know and I'll add you to the distribution list.

FYI: We will be celebrating the year of the Dragon (which starts February 10).

See you out at the VOTS fields,
Eric Reif
on behalf of the NYF team.

Pick-Up Games

Do you organize a pick-up game you'd like listed? Is your pickup game listed, but you'd like to add more information?
Please, Fill Out the Pick-Up Submission Form

These games are run by community members unless designated as a VOTS pick-up game. Always check with the organizer to make sure the game is still active.

Multiple Dates/Times


  • IOU

    When? Early morning.

    Where? Desert Sky Park, 6624 S Power Rd, Mesa
    (Backup location Orchard Park, E Cabrillo Dr, Gilbert)

    Level of Play & Attendance? Play entirely by USAU ruleset. Competitive play, experienced club-level players. Full-field, 7-on-7, game to 25.

    Other Info: Games are coordinated/teams drafted via Discord on Friday nights. Email Dustin or Jonny for a Discord invite.

  • Ultimate Redemption

    When? 7:00am (summer), 7:30am (winter)

    Where? 18523 E Peachtree Blvd, Queen Creek

    Level of Play & Attendance? Man play by USAU ruleset, Everyone welcome!

    Other Info: Check link above for place/time updates.

  • Valley Ultimate

    When? 8:00am

    Where? Royal Palm Park8405 North 15th Ave, Phoenix

    Level of Play & Attendance? Beginners welcome, adults only. All skill levels, casual. 15–20 players.

    Other Info: Red and blue jerseys provided, or bring your own red AND blue.


  • Ultimate Frisbee – Northwest Valley

    When? 7:30am (summer), 8:30am (winter)

    Where? Sierra Verde Park, 7130 W Potter Dr, Glendale (71st & Rose Garden)

    Level of Play & Attendance? Informal play, Currently lower attendance, Everyone welcome!

    Other Info: Headcount taken in advance via the Facebook group linked above.

  • Sunday Mornings in Tempe

    When? 8:00am

    Where? Fees College Prep Middle School, 1600 E Watson Dr, Tempe, AZ 85283

    Level of Play & Attendance? Informal play, Large teams, Everyone welcome!

    Other Info: Fun game, only bring good spirit. Snacks and drinks often provided, bring water.


  • Friday Lunchtime Disc

    When? 11:40am–1pm

    Where? Stroud Park, 6818 S Los Feliz Dr, Tempe
    (Backup location Estrada Park, 1801 E Palomino Dr, Tempe)

    Level of Play & Attendance? Generally follow USAU ruleset. Beginners welcome, but many experienced league/club-level players. 6–10 players, often play mini/small field.

    Other Info: Game status is updated at link above, headcount taken via email list in advance. If you'd like to be on the list, email Katherine.

Last Updated: 10/10/22

Past VOTS Events

Summer Mixed League 2023

All three teams finished with a 3–3 record, making this one of the most closely contested leagues in VOTS history.

Tropic Like It's Hot finished in 1st place with a +8 point differential, but congratulations to everyone who played in this hot, short-handed league!

Team Pictures

Blue Blue Ka-Choo team
Blue Blue Ka-Choo, photo courtesy Ted Bland
Valley of the Sun Ultimate

Spring Leagues 2023

MIXED League

Congratulations to m8
Spring MIXED League Champions!

OPEN League

Congratulations to Black Mamba
Spring OPEN League Champions!

Valley of the Sun Ultimate

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