VOTS Spring 2018, photo by Quan Nguyen
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New Year Fest XL

NYF logo

January 29–30, 2022
Phoenix Reach 11 Sports Complex
Phoenix, AZ

Divisions: Sanctioned College Men's, Sanctioned College Women's, Open, Women's

TD: Evan Yamada

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Upcoming Events / Volunteers Needed

In addition to League Finals (Dec. 11th) and New Year Fest (Jan. 29 & 30), we're looking for a few volunteers to help with the following upcoming VOTS events:

If you're interested in helping out as TD or LD for any of these or just helping out in general, contact Tim.


Fall Mixed League 2021

Crossovers games have begun—please be aware of potential color conflicts. Bring an alternate white or dark as appropriate.

Monday, December 6th
Cones Team Field # Team Cones
Big Fun Ben 4w Vaxxed and Ready for Stacks (x-over) CleanUp
SetUp Ben 4e Return of the Mack (x-over)
CleanUp Welcome Back Kutters Ben 5w Wash Your Handlers (x-over)
SetUp Back 4 Blood Ben 5e Grape To Be Back (x-over)
Wednesday, December 8th
Cones Team Field # Team Cones
Ben 4w Vaxxed and Ready for Stacks SetUp
Big Fun (x-over) Ben 4e Return of the Mack CleanUp
Guac Block Party (x-over) Ben 5w Back in Black SetUp
CleanUp Social Disc-tancing(x-over) Ben 5e Nice to D You Again

Questions? Contact LDs Kelsey Bradley, Elizabeth Deming, and Brian Parma

VOTS 2021 Return to Play Agreement (Updated 6/3/21)

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In order to protect our fellow members and guests, as well as to satisfy requirements for field usage, the Valley of the Sun Ultimate Association (VOTS) has adopted rules and guidelines relating to COVID-19. Following these rules and guidelines is a requirement to participate in VOTS events. Failure to adhere to them is grounds for removal from VOTS events.

  1. Attendees will self-screen for symptoms on the day of the VOTS event, prior to arrival, and will not attend if currently or previously symptomatic or tested positive for COVID-19 until meeting Home-Isolation-Guidance.
  2. Attendees will follow the Maricopa County Dept. of Public Health Quarantine Guidance for Household and Close Contacts including the provision for people not fully vaccinated who live in the same home or were in close contact (within 6 feet for longer than 15 minutes or physical contact) with someone with COVID-19 being asked not to attend for 14 days after last contact with the person with COVID-19.
  3. Anyone with symptoms or a positive COVID test are subject to those quarantine guidelines.
  4. People are considered fully vaccinated only 14 days after the final dose of a vaccine series.
  5. In order to protect children and other vulnerable populations, masks are still encouraged for unvaccinated individuals.
  6. In order to protect children and other vulnerable populations, social distancing should be maintained when possible. While on the same sideline, teams should continue to try to spread out as much as practical. Close team huddles should still be avoided. High fives, hugs and similar contact should still be avoided. Social gatherings before and after the game should still maintain social distancing.

Professional Ultimate

Arizona Sidewinders

Arizona Sidewinders logo

Up-Coming Events

Watch The West (including some home-town Sidewinders) play Seattle Tempest from July 30, 2021

More information about the Arizona Sidewinders

Club Ultimate

Arizona Mixed

Congratulations to Arizona mixed team, Lawless!

Lawless went 4–0 at regionals to clinch a berth to Club Nationals in San Diego, October 21st–24th.

On their first trip to nationals in their first season of competition, Lawless placed 10th.
Their pool game against Nashville's 'Shine is available on YouTube. It's a nail-biter!

Past VOTS Events

Summer 2021, Tuesday (Monday) – Session 2

Congratulations to The Bleam Team, Tues/Mon Summer League 2nd Session Champions!

Questions? Email Tim

Summer 2021, Thursdays – Session 2

Congratulations to Team F, Thurs. Summer League 2nd Session Champions!

A big 'Thank You' also goes out to all the players of this league for being flexible with the scheduling in order to have 4/3 mixed games!

Questions? Email Tim

Summer 2021, Tuesdays – Session 1

Congratulations to Once in a Blue Monsoon, 1st Session Tuesday Champions!

Questions? Email Tim

Summer 2021, Thursdays – Session 1

Congratulations to Team B, 1st Session Thursday Champions!

Questions? Email Tim

Spring League 2021

Congratulations to Cyanara, Spring League 2021 Champions!

Black Plague had eked out a win over Cyanara in the first game of the season. The rematch swung the blue-ish team's way.

Thursday, May 27
Cones Team Score Score Team Cones
Setup Black Plague 10 15 Cyanara
All That Glitters is Gold 14 11 Pan(dem)ic at the Disco Setup

Questions? Email Tim

VOTS History Archive

Note from Katherine:

Not a lot of play going on at the moment, but that doesn't mean we can't yearn for the olden days...

Earlier in the year Kevin Hatch and Kody Lippincot gathered up some VOTS materials from various storage bins and started scanning and taking photos. I decided to take the opportunity to reorganize the league and New Year Fest archive pages. I'm also continuing to add other information (including more about Valley club teams) as I come across it. If you have any info or feedback on the pages, please, let me know.

The first bunch of 80s and 90s VOTS newsletters from Kevin are available on the new History Pages!

History Archive | Email Webmaster