VOTS Spring 2018, photo by Quan Nguyen

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Spring 2012 M/W League

Photos from the season:    Photos from finals:
Alex Rentzis Lisa Malo
Stephen So Quan Nguyen
Stephen So

Spring League St. Paddy's Day Celebration

Despite some unexpected and unrelated logistic problems on Monday night, St. VOTS-y's Day was a success! Congratulations to the winners!

Monday Night:

The Top Dessert winner was Jody Sheets & Scoobernova with an amazing Potato Cake. According to Jody, "While I picked out the recipe for the apple and potato cake, several team members actually made it with me, including Jason Chen, Teddy, Bree and Ryan, who was kind enough to let us use his kitchen. Our awesome captain, Erin, came up with the idea of the team bake party. It really was a team effort and I think everyone should get recognition." Regardless, the cake received the highest scores of both nights!

The Top Drink winner was Sarah Youngblood of Chicxulub Survivors Club with a Mint Chocolate Ice Cream shot. The recipe can be found at Sarah's Food Jones blog.

Wednesday Night:

Top Dessert winner was So Long And Thanks For All The Disc's Kristin Korby with a cool looking Pot 'O Gold Cake which tasted even better than it looked: vanilla with coffee-flavored dark chocolate ganache and Baileys frosting. (If anyone has photos from Wednesday's festivities, email the webmaster!)

Top Drink honors went to Chris Baldoni from The Day The Disc Stood Still for Baileys Infused Strawberries. Reports state that strawberries were *very* infused and therefore qualified for the Drinks category.

LD Tricky with the prizes.
Victorious Scoobernova, Jody

Sarah pours her award-winning minty concoction.

Peter "I can stand like this all night" Kretowski


Just a fraction of our discriminating panal of judges.

Monday night photos by Alex Rentzis

captains are in bold

Monday Teams
So Long and Thanks for All the Disc Hammergeddon The Disc is Mayan Scoobernova

Michael Cromwell
Kristin Korby
Bonnie Brady
Melissa Brown
Adam Carberry
Laura Donohue
Eli Fenichel
Aaron Golub
Chris Grivas
Emily Larsen
Rick Mahoney
Mike McGinn
Isaiah Moore
Robert Ozdoba
Thomas Webb
Mark Witt
Evan Yamada

Pauline Moleski
Nick Rodeck
Ramon Arrowsmith
Tim Belk
Matt Bush
Carson Cook
Leslie Frey
Nathan Garinger
Crystal Hall
Lee Heyne
Kathy Mauck
James Moore
Michael Sedillo
Stephen So
Nick Sutton
Kieran Thompson
Becca Wiley

Kaysi Oliphant
Tim Streit
Hacho Chakmakov
Sharon Crook
Matt Goodloe
Jake Hadziev
Nathan Holzinger
Amy Jeppson
Stefan Linssen
Hilton Metzner
Eric Nabity
Patrick Nardi
Kolton Orcutt
Alexi Rentzis
Alex Rentzis
Heather Thomas
Jee Witt

Jason Chen
Erin Donahue
Theodore Bland
Timothy Borg
Breanna Bryant
Jeff Hamlin
Lee Heister
Chris Hunt
Joshua Kohl
Brent May
Ryan Millecam
Chris Naegele
Barry Redman
Megan Reinertson
Jody Sheets
Ari Spagat
Terri Widner

Tomorrow Never Dies Huckocalypse Now! The Day The Disc Stood Still Hammer of Doom

Joanne Aspinall
Bryan Paris
Katie Campbell
Shay Cheeseman
Brian Colson
Keith Dybvig
Kena Fedorschak
Wes Gover
Matt Holmes
Peter Kretowski
Michael Kuby
Andy Lesko
Dakota Lippincott
Katherine Nabity
Patrick Sproull
Ryan Watson
Randy Ziegler

Justin Gries
Laura Tan
Ryan Blackman
Elise Bucher
Jeff Budd
Miles DeCoster
Toni Fujiwara
Jose' Gringle
Randy Hade
Phil Horvath
Cade Huninghake
Barry Liberson
Elizabeth Pedersen
Wes Robinson
Matt Sutton
Andrea Torvinen
Todd Truitt

Tim Camper
Vicki Chan
Carla Anderson
Christopher Baldoni
Allyson Brennan
Claudio Canizares
Andrea Canizares
Mark Davis
Jared Doles
Gus Estrano
Brendan Gallagher
Ned Garinger
Greg Howell
Cozmo Pearl
Tom Volo
Samantha Whetherholt
Mike Williams

Paul Otto
Ashley Stahl
Dan Alexander
Peter Anderegg
Darren Bateman
Tina Byun
Kyle Cotner
Adam Eklund
Shawn Fink
Kim Hamm
Michelle Kauffman
Sam Levenberg
Stan Marks
John Peterson
Jeff Shelton
Nick Simonelli
Cassie Waz

Wednesday Teams
Zombies vs Mayans Oaxaca Huckas Chicxulub Survivors Club 28 Lays Later

Clint Gregory
Cheyenne Lopez
George da Silva
Chantel Fleming
John Gamero
Casey Harrison
Mike Johnson
Eric Kitowski
Rich Milder
Suzanne Schild
Amy Stern
Nate Tanner
Mark Thompson
Russell Trotter
Bobby Wang
David Weber
Marnie Wong

Angel Bishop
Steve Clark
Wade Ackerman
Tom Bilsten
Cole Cairl
Matt Case
Justin Coleman
Brendan Denker
Monika Kotowski
Tamara Lawless
Byron Lippincott
Amy Minowitz
Chris Nipar
Alex Nishi
Neil Roach
Clint Roos
Jacob Walsh

Brett Carr
Angie Xiong
Michael Bennett
Kristen Bennett
Peter Bonanno
Brett Broderick
Mike Eichinger
Jeff Kellum
Kirstin MacLean
Andrew Masiunas
Jose Miller
Kris Pena
Eric Reif
Khanya Thidsouvan
Skyler Witalison
Hunter Young
Sarah Youngblood

Clifford Capria
Amanda Loh
Shannon Breen
Hugh Collins
Eric Cope
Russell Devine
Justin Dhein
Maggie Dunleavy
Shawn Fehrenbach
Elena Fresquez
Brandon Gallagher
Matthew Harsh
Jennifer Hixon
Adam McGuire
Scott Pitera
Sara Simmons
Tom Studer

Operation Repopulation The Four Horsemen Team X (And I feel fine)

Sarah San Pedro
Tim San Pedro
Carrie Bawolek
William Christensen
J.R. Flynn
Eric Francisco
Tyler Garbisch
Jeffrey Gehring
Mark Ihnot
Marisa Jang
Erin Johnson
Joe Kauffman
Quan Nguyen
Alex Prescott
Cassandra Rondel Asencio
Dale Sample
Seth Shapiro

Jenna Adsit
Jeffrey Nappi
Brent Armstrong
Alicia Bartholomew
Edward Bawolek
Rik Jansson
Tim Jennings
Amanda Kaestner
Dave Lim
Stephen Nester
Whitney Norris
Kent Shelley
Renae Shelley
Craig Suiter
Jason Trant
Mike Van Ess
Jia Xie

Eric Bay
Magen Rogers
Dave Abdoo
Landon Allred
Nathan Austin
James Braidic
John Dixon
Mike Donahue
Chris Drew
Vanessa Gray
Emily Haydon
Tim Hillsamer
Brad Jacobson
Sarah Kessans
Riley Kimball
Michelle Mulhern
Alan Tinsley

Keith Aspinall
Megan Resch
Matthew Beversdorf
Corinne DeRuiter
Nick DiPadova
Anthony Eskridge
Roland Fischer
Nate Lozier
Rosie O'Gara
Liesl Pimentel
Josiah Roberts
Chris Salvino
Ray Schmal
Michael Shoemaker
Matthew Stoloff
Al Taylor
Bridgette Venzel

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