VOTS Spring 2018, photo by Quan Nguyen

Spring League 2016 ~ Playoffs

Congratulations to Throbi-Wan Kengodeep, Spring League 2016 Champions

Throbi-Wan Kengodeep team picture
Throbi-Wan Kengodeep, picture by Stephen So

More pictures by Stephen So: Regular Season | Playoffs

Finals Challenge

VOTS Death Star

From LD Ted Bland:

Dear Ultimate Players of the VOTS Community,

I want to thank you all for another great season, and for your generosity in donating to Child Crisis Arizona. It is a privilege to be surrounded by friends twice a week that support you back. I had a lot of fun with the VOTS WARS theme--I hope you did too. In total, the following items were donated to support children in shelters and foster families:

2,849 diapers,
354 pair of socks,
281 assorted shirts,
47 boys undershirts,
39 pair of underwear,
30 assorted pairs of shorts,
21 assorted baby items (onesies, baby shoes, blankets),
21 pairs of jeans,
14 pairs of pajamas,
6 girls dresses,
4 girls skirts,
3 assorted boys/girls swimsuits, and...
...1 pair of little girl's shoes

Uhaul of donations
The Uhaul of Donations, picture by Ted Bland

Congratulations to Throwba Fett for your massive donations, and special thanks also to The Force Abreakens and Nerd Alert! for their considerable donations as well.

Throwba and the Death Star
Throwba Fett and their prize: the Death Star, picture by Ted Bland

Playoffs were held noon-10pm on Saturday, April 30th at Benedict.


Alderaan Pool
T1 - Dark Lords of the Disc
R4 - Nerd Alert
T5 - Wookiee Mistake
R8 - Han SoLoh
Bespin Pool
R1 - Throbi-Wan Kengodeep
T4 - The Flick Order
R5 - R2-DU
T8 - Pizza the Huck
Coruscant Pool
T2 - Master Throwda
R3 - Throwba Fett
T6 - We're All Doomed!
R7 - Mid-huck-lorians
Dagobah Pool
R2 - Princess Layout
T3 - The Force Abreakens
R6 - FrisBB-8
T7 - Huck Long And Prosper

Schedule & Results

Saturday Schedule
Start Time Soft Cap Hard Cap
Round 1 12:30 1:55 2:05
Round 2 2:15 3:40 3:50
Round 3 4:00 5:25 5:35
Semis 5:45 7:10 7:20
Finals 7:30 8:55 9:05

"T" and "R" in the schedules below refer to Tuesday (4/26) and Thursday (4/28) games.

All games at Benedict.

Alderaan Pool
Rd Team Score Score Team
T Dark Lords of the Disc 12 10 Wookiee Mistake
R Nerd Alert 14 6 Han SoLoh
1 Dark Lords of the Disc 15 5 Han SoLoh
1 Byes: Nerd Alert, Wookiee Mistake
2 Nerd Alert W L Wookiee Mistake
2 Byes: Dark Lords of the Disc, Han SoLoh
3 Dark Lords of the Disc W L Nerd Alert
3 Wookiee Mistake 8 5 Han SoLoh
Bespin Pool
Rd Team Score Score Team
T The Flick Order 15 5 Pizza the Huck
R Throbi-Wan Kengodeep 15 10 R2-DU
1 Throbi-Wan Kengodeep 15 4 Pizza the Huck
1 Byes: The Flick Order, R2-DU
2 The Flick Order 8 13 R2-DU
2Byes: Throbi-Wan Kengodeep, Pizza the Huck
3 Throbi-Wan Kengodeep 15 4 The Flick Order
3 R2-DU 12 3 Pizza the Huck

Coruscant Pool
Rd Team Score Score Team
T Master Throwda 15 10 We're All Doomed!
R Throwba Fett 15 6 Mid-huck-lorians
1 Byes: All Teams
2 Master Throwda 12 6 Mid-huck-lorians
2 Throwba Fett 12 6 We're All Doomed!
3 Master Throwda L W Throwba Fett
3 We're All Doomed! 6* 3* Mid-huck-lorians
* Game abbreviated due to wind.
Dagobah Pool
Rd Team Score Score Team
T The Force Abreakens 15 12 Huck Long And Prosper
R Princess Layout 15 9 FrisBB-8
1 Byes: All Teams
2 Princess Layout 15 14 Huck Long And Prosper
2 The Force Abreakens 15 5 FrisBB-8
3 Princess Layout 8 10 The Force Abreakens
3 FrisBB-8 1* 5* Huck Long And Prosper
* Game abbreviated due to wind.

Rd Team Score Score Team
S1 Dark Lords of the Disc Ben 1e The Force Abreakens
S2 Throbi-Wan Kengodeep Ben 2w Throwba Fett
Rd Team Score Score Team
  The Force Abreakens 7 15 Throbi-Wan Kengodeep

Playoff Rules

The same as General League Rules with the following exceptions:



For capping purposes, a point is considered to begin immediately after the preceding goal is scored.

Subject to change.

For more information, contact League Director, Ted Bland.

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