VOTS Spring 2018, photo by Quan Nguyen

Fall League Finals - Fantasy Ultimate

by Kevin Hatch

Finals Points Results.

The points scoring for the finals was somehow botched. Damn good thing Keith is a relentless scorekeeper. So somewhere in there we (this is me spreading the blame around) missed a couple of points (one of which was a hammer assist by Byron, don't know to whom). It took a few points to get all the lists in, but the stamped list technology definitely helped. So official scoring started with the score standing at what was probably 4-2 or 3-3 or it could have been different, but we went with what we had.

Byron Lippincott led the Ultinuts to the league title and garnered 11 points. Other leading scorers included Charlie Lockwood at +5 and Keith Aspinall, Lareina Abbott, and Stephen Kuenzli at +4; and Andrew Tan, Chris Nipar and Hugh Collins logged +3 each.

The winning fantasy ticket went to Jason Lewis. He picked Byron (11), Charlie (5), Lareina (4), Joanne Aspinall (2), Jeremy Spray (0), Andrew (3), and Chris (3) to score 28 whopping points. Needless to say, Jason was thrilled with the win. When he examined his winnings he exclaimed to Lareina, "Look honey, I won several dollars!" The take was 13 big ones and it certainly isn't lost on Jason that that translates to over $20 Canadian!

Jason's roster


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