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Fall League 2002 ~ Schedule & Results

Schedule & Results | Playoffs

Congratulations to What the Huck?!
for their Fall League 2002 win over Sufferin Huckotash

What the Huck pic
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Playoff Pools

Pool A
field 8a
What the Huck?!
Doms and Subs
Tighty Whities
Pool B
field 7b
Australian for Disc
Mickey Marooney
Argos and the Argonauts
Pool C
field 7a
Sufferin Huckotash
Blue Meanies
Pool D
field 8b
La Guagua
Eclectic Blue
Bluefin Tuna


Round 1
Team Score Score Team
Tighty Whities 13 10 What the Huck
Australian for Dis 13 9 Argos & the Argonauts
Sufferin Huckotash 13 7 SITGOY
La Guagua 13 6 Bluefin Tuna
Round 2
Team Score Score Team
Doms & Subs 13 8 Tighty Whities
Mickey Marooneys 13 11 Argos & the Argonauts
Blue Meanies 13 8 SITGOY
Eclectic Blue 13 9 Bluefin Tuna

Round 3
Team Score Score Team
What the Huck 13 4 Doms & Subs
Australian for Disc 16 15 Micky Marooneys
Sufferin Huckotash 13 3 Blue Meanies
Eclectic Blue 12 9 La Guagua
Team Score Score Team
What the Huck 15 11 Eclectic Blue
Sufferin Huckotash 15 13 Australian for Disc
What the Huck 16 14 Sufferin Huckotash

Playoff Rules

Pool Winner determination

  1. Pool play record
  2. Pool play point differential
  3. Points scored in pool play
  4. Regular season head-to-head (only if all three teams played each other)
  5. Season point differential
  6. Season final standings