VOTS Spring 2018, photo by Quan Nguyen

A/B Winter League 2022 ~ League Playoffs

Congratulations to Circle K, Winter A League 2022 Champions

A League championships took place on Saturday, March 5, 4-8pm at Pecos Park

A League Semis
Team Score Score Team
Week 7 Winner (1 Seed)
Circle K
12 6 Week 7 Loser
Young, Tall & Hot (4 Seed)
Week 7 Winner (3 Seed)
L W Week 7 Loser (2 Seed)
Hard Cap: 5:50
A League Finals / 3rd Place
Team Score Score Team
Circle K 11 10 Blackbeard
Young, Tall & Hot L W Cheesey
Hard Cap: 7:35

Congratulations to Blubeluga, Winter b League 2022 Champions

B League championships took place Saturday March 12, 4-8pm at Pecos Park.

B League Semis
Team Field Time Team
Green Eggs and Hammered L W Blubeluga
Flickin Chickins 11 13 Sixy Beasts
Hard Cap: 5:50
B League Finals / 3rd Place
Team Field Time Team
Blubeluga 13 5 Sixy Beasts
Green Eggs and Hammered L W Flickin Chickins
Hard Cap: 7:35

For more information, contact LD Tim Streit.