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Youth Ultimate

Below is a listing of some of the youth ultimate teams and programs in the area. If you have additional information about any of these programs, wish to add information to this list, or have a youth ultimate event that you'd like to promote, please contact Katherine Nabity (webmaster@vots.org).

Phoenix Area

Updated 11/29/2017


Tucson Ultimate Youth Director in Tucson

Past Updates

Kyrene Elementary School Ultimate Intramurals Update

Jan. 5th, update from Ryan Millicam

Hey VOTS-Landers,

The Kyrene School District is going to have us do a clinic for the kids in the District's intramural league on January 14, 9:00 am to 11:00 am, at Kyrene Middle School in south Tempe. I have several volunteers for this but they're all dudes. Ladies, please step up and help teach these kids--half or more of which are girls--some Ultimate skillz.

We've paired down our expectations for doing demos at Kyrene School District Practices. But there are still three that we can get to. We need one more volunteer for each of these to make them happen:

Let me know if you can help out at any of these times. Thanks.

Volunteer Help for Kyrene Elementary School Ultimate Intramurals

From Ryan Millecam:

Hi VOTS-Landers,

For the past several years, the Kyrene school district has built up a pretty impressive intramural Ultimate program. This year, it will include 19 schools, each with 20-40 kids (so up to three teams per school). The kids practice twice a week starting the week of December 5th, up to the league tournament on Saturday, January 28th.

This year, I'm attempting to help them get their games more inline with official rules of Ultimate. The main things I think we can fix are that they currently don't play with 175g discs, they usually have more than seven players on the fields, and they could use some basic instruction about how offenses and defenses work.

I'm putting out a request for help. I would like to have volunteers--ideally at least one guy and one gal--to go to a practice at as many schools as possible to explain what opportunities there are to play, demonstrate basic skills (throwing, cutting, marking), show them some drills, and maybe go over the basics of an offense. Practices are usually from about 2:40 to 3:40 on weekdays after school. This is a chance to make a big impression on approx. 300 kids, with about an even split of boys and girls. So, club players, if you're ok with it, please wear jerseys with your names on to the practices (if you don't have kids, trust me, thinking about having their name on a jersey is a big deal to them).

I'll send out another email about donating discs once I've confirmed that they'll make the switch to 175g. If you know of good places to buy discs in bulk (Jeff Budd? Tim?), let me know.

Finally, if anyone wants to go with me to meet with the District's head of intramurals to talk about Ultimate in Kyrene's elementary and (hopefully soon) middle schools, I'm meeting with him on Friday, November 18th, at 10:00 am at the Kyrene District Offices in Tempe.

Email me if you're willing/available to help out: ryanmillecam@gmail.com.


Youth League Opportunity

Greyson Beck of Brophy College Prep and Alex Tilly of Scottsdale Prep are endeavoring to put together an informal youth league while working with former VOTS player Zach Semerad at USAU to put together an officially sanctioned league. If you're interested in participating in any way, please, contact Greyson or Alex.

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