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New Year Ultimate Fest XXXI

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Women's Division

Program | Pools and Schedule of Play

Games are to 13, cap at 15 (except for B pool). Softcap will sound at 75 minutes and hardcap at 95 minutes. One timeout per half and one floater. One timeout per team in softcap if the team still has one available.


(A)gave   (C)holla   (S)aguaro   (M)esquite
1. Hella Bella, WI Reunion   1. Suck N' Blow, San Diego   1. Lady Liquor, Colorado   1. Kali: The Revenge, Boulder
2. Kill Bill, USA   2. Sol Sisters, Phoenix   2. Wild Rose, Calgery   2. Old Pueblo Thrift and Disc, Tucson
3. Dish, Chicago   3. Orale, Albuquerque   3. Utopia - Club, Provo   3. Old Jines, Flagstaff
4. Jines in the Pines, NAU   4. Kali, Boulder   4. Village Bicycle, Phoenix   4. BOP, Salt Lake City
        5. Caliente, ASU   5. Utopia, BYU

Saturday Schedule
ROUND Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4 Field 5 Field 6
10:00 C1/C3 C2/C4 S1/S5 S2/S4    
11:45     S1/S4 S3/S5    
1:30     S1/S3 S2/S5 C1/C4 C2/C3
3:15     S1/S2 S3/S4 C1/C2 C3/C4
5:00     S2/S3 S4/S5 rC1/rA4 rC2/rA3
ROUNDField 7 Field 8 Field 11 Field 12Field 13Field 14
10:00     A1/A3 A2/A4 M1/M5 M2/M4
11:45         M1/M4 M3/M5
1:30 A1/A4 A2/A3     M1/M3 M2/M5
3:15 A1/A2 A3/A4     M1/M2 M3/M4
5:00 rA1/rC4 rA2/rC3     M2/M3 M4/M5

Subject to change.