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New Year Ultimate Fest XXXI

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Open Divisions

Program | Pools and Schedule of Play

Games are to 13, cap at 15. Softcap will sound at 75 minutes and hardcap at 95 minutes. One timeout per half and one floater. One timeout per team in softcap if the team still has one available.

Open Division I

(Y)ellow Pool   (P)urple Pool   (O)range Pool
1. Johnny Bravo, Colorado   1. Sprawl, Phoenix   1. Gentlemen's Club, San Diego
2. The Killjoys, Orem UT   2. Wasabi, CO College   2. Mamabird, CU-Boulder
3. City Wok, SoCal   3. B.E.Y. Ballstars, Salt Lake City   3. BYU, Provo
4. Hanta Virus, UNM   4. Regulators, San Diego   4. Fancy Lads, Albuquerque

Saturday Schedule
ROUND Field 5 Field 6 Field 7 Field 8 Field 9 Field 10 Field 11 Field 12 Field 15 Field 16
10:00 O1/O3 O2/O4 P1/P3 P2/P4            
11:45 O1/O4 O2/O3 P1/P4 P2/P3     Y1/Y3 Y2/Y4    
1:30             Y1/Y4 Y2/Y3    
3:15         P1/P2 P3/P4 Y1/Y2 Y3/Y4 O1/O2 O3/O4
5:00         rP1/rY3 rO3/rP4 rY1/rP3 rO4/rY4 rO1/rY2 rO2/rP2

Open Division II

(G)reen Pool   (W)hite Pool   (B)lue Pool   (R)ed Pool
1. Old Ponderoso, NAU Reunion   1. Hammer of the Gods, CLE/PHX/CA   1.Mustashe Ride, Salt Lake City   1. Freaks from the Peaks, Flagstaff
2. ASU Alumni, ASU Reunion   2. Reed Utah Jazz   2. Mamabird - B, CU-Boulder   2. Papal Age, Notre Dame Alumni
3. El Ponderoso, NAU   3. Pleasue, ASU   3. BYU-B, Provo   3. Hot Lava, Tempe
4. Ultimate Mongese   4.Fort Lewis College, Durango   4. Ho-Vert Operations, Chandler   4. Pineapple Express, Phoenix

Saturday Schedules
ROUND Field 9 Field 10 Field 15 Field 16 Field 17 Field 18 Field 19 Field 20
10:00 W1/W3 W2/W4 G1/G3 G2/G4 B1/B3 B2/B4 R1/R3 R2/R4
11:45 W1/W4 W2/W3 G1/G4 G2/G3 B1/B4 B2/B3 R1/R4 R2/R3
1:30 W1/W2 W3/W4 G1/G2 G3/G4 B1/B2 B3/B4 R1/R2 R3/R4
3:15         rB1/rR4 rB2/rR3 rR1/rB4 rR2/rB3
5:00         rW1/rG4 rW2/rG3 rG1/rW4 rG2/rW3

Subject to change.