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Winter Competitive League 2014

The King and Jia

Friday Night Flights 2014

Wyld Stallyns

Spring League 2014

The Strange Case of Dr. Heckle & Mr. Skied
Captains: Cole Cairl & Kody Lippincott

Fall League 2014

The Incredible Huck
Captains: Jeff Budd & Jody Sheets

Summer Men's League 2014

Blue Team
Captains: Robert Gallagher

Sunday League 2014

Captain: Ashley Stahl

Summer Women's League 2014

Ninja Bunnies
Captains: Cynthia Thomas & Carmen Zazueta


Spring League 2013

Captains: Jason Chen & Erin Donahue

Fall League 2013

Office Disc Space
Captains: Crystal Hall & Tom Studer

Summer Women's League 2013

Hanky Pankies
Captains: Breanna Bryant & Erin Donahue

Women's Winter League 2013

The Blue Team
Captains: Emily Claricoates & Amanda Kaestner

Summer Men's League 2013

El Gringos
Captains: Bill Christensen & Nick Rodeck

Men's Winter League 2013

Captains: Tim Streit & Tom Studer

Friday Night Flights 2013

Purple Drank


Winter Competitive League 2012

Yellow Team
Captain: Paul Otto

Fall League 2012

Captains: Pat & Marlena Nardi

Spring League 2012

The Disc is Mayan
Captains: Tim Streit & Kaysi Oliphant

Sunday Fall League 2012

Ice Cream Sunday

Women's Summer League 2012

Pink Tacos
Captain: Kaysi Oliphant

Women's Winter League

Captains: Cheyenne Lopez & Jody Sheets

Men's Summer League 2012

Thunder Ducks
Captain: Tim Streit

Men's Winter League

Green-Man Woman Haters Club
Captains: Eric Bay & Bryan Paris

Friday Night Flights 2012

Black Bear Bicycle


Spring League 2011

Captains: Patrick & Marlena Nardi

Fall League 2011

Captains: Keith Aspinall & Marisa Jang

Women's League 2011

Lucky Charms
Captain: Kaetlynn Daoust & Erin Donahue

Men's League 2011

Red Team


Spring League 2010

I'm with CoCo
Captains: Jeffrey Nappi & Carrie Bawolek

Weds COED League 2010

Captain: Kasie Mathena

Fall League 2010

Good Huck Charm
Captains: Joe & Michelle Kauffman

Men's League 2010

Yellow Team


Spring League 2009

Who Hucks to the Huckers
Captains: Justin Gries & Joanne Aspinall

Fall League 2009

May Cause Dizziness
Captains: Justin Dhein & Emily Haydon

Women's League 2009

Miss Red
Captain: Joanne Aspinall
Desert Divas
Captain: Lexi Polderman

Men's League 2009

Red Team


Spring Hat League 2008

Tuesday: S.N.O.T.
Captains: Clint Gregory & Emily Haydon

Thursday: Bear Down
Captains: Nathan Austin & Eliza Gregory

Women's League 2008

Blue Blur (B2)
Captain: Sarah Youngblood

Spring League 2008 Part II

Captains: Vincent Noe & Jamie Fleming

Fall League 2008

The Royal WEfnuk
Captains: Nate Johnson & Genevieve Maricle


Spring League 2007

Tuesday: Mooninites
Captain: Andy Roesch

Thursday: Magnum
Captain: Justin Gries

Fall League 2007

Captains: Sam Levenberg & Gretchen Kielbaugh

Women's League 2007

Las Margaritas
Captain: Sarah Youngblood

Men's League 2007

Velvet Jones
Captain: Kevin Hatch


Spring League 2006

Unstoppable Hucking Technique
Captains: Kevin Hatch & Kate Ihle

Fall League 2006

Finals is Not Enough
Captains: Keith & Joanne Aspinall


Spring League 2005(WLE)

GrungeBob UltiPants
Captains: Sam Levenberg & Emma Harty

Fall League 2005

The Team That Must Not Be Named
Captains: Sam Levenberg & Teri Twarkins


Spring League 2004

Killer Tomotoes
Captain: Tim Streit

Fall League 2004

Endzone Eyes
Captains: Sam Levenberg & Abby Hoover

Winter Competitive League

The Hebrew Hammer and the Disciples of Disc
Captain: Sam Levenberg


Spring League 2003

Tie: Huckin' Nerve & Skin Flick
Captains: Byron Lippincott and Tim Streit, respectively

Fall League 2003

Captains: Keith Aspinall & Emma Harty

Winter Competitive League

Air Buddha in Toga
Captain: Byron Lippincott


Spring League 2002

Sexual Inyorendo
Captains: Phil Brown & Vicky Thrasher

Fall League 2002

What the Huck?!?
Captains: Keith Aspinall & Gretchen Kiehlbaugh

Summer Competitive League

Ivana Huckalot
Captain: Sam Levenberg


Spring League 2001

Captains: Andy Roesch & Karen Pepe

Fall League 2001

Captains: Keith and Joanne Aspinall


Spring League 2000

gOhO mOjO
Captains: Byron Lippincott & Karla Koch

Fall League 2000

Ambiguously Gray
Captains: Keith Aspinall & Karla Koch


Spring League 1999

Captains: Harry & Karen Broome

Fall League 1999

Captains: Tim Hochberg & Kathi Reichert