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last updated 11/23/10 by K.Nabity

Fall 2010 T/Th League

Congratulations to Good Huck Charm, Fall League 2010 Champions!


More photos from Finals, Semis, and Pool games. Courtesy Quan Nguyen


Armadillo Pool
Good Huck Charm
Semi Pro
Afternoon Delight
Dizzy Daddy
Bobcat Pool
The Way to Wikki Wakka
Fall Chickens
Double Rainbow
Hammer Cheese Sandwich
Coyote Pool
Huck Discs & Chew Bubblegum
Drunk 'n' Discorderly
Rue the Day
Grey Hares
Diamondback Pool
2 Girls, 1 Cup
Blue Man Group
Hucker? I Barely Know Her!
Grape Googly Moogly

Playoff Schedule

Pool Game 1 will take place at regular T/Th game times during the week of November 15th.

Saturday, November 20th, schedule:

Round Benedict Field #3 Field #2 Field #1
1 10:30 Armadillo1vArmadillo3 Armadillo2vArmadillo4 Diamondback1vDiamondback3 Diamondback2vDiamondback4
2 12:15 Coyote1vCoyote3 Coyote2vCoyote4 Armadillo3vArmadillo4 Diamondback3vDiamondback4 Bobcat1vBobcat3 Bobcat2vBobcat4
3 2:00 Coyote1vCoyote2 Coyote3vCoyote4 Armadillo1vArmadillo2 Diamondback1vDiamondback2 Bobcat1vBobcat2 Bobcat3vBobcat4
Semis 3:50 WinnerArmadillo v WinnerDiamondback WinnerBobcat v WinnerCoyote
Finals 5:45 Finals!

Armadillo Schedule
Team Score Score Team
T Good Huck Charm 13 5 Dizzy Daddy
R Semi Pro 15 8 Afternoon Delight
1 Good Huck Charm 15 5 Afternoon Delight
1 Semi Pro 15 8 Dizzy Daddy
2 Afternoon Delight Dizzy Daddy
2 Good Huck Charm 12:15 Bye Semi Pro
3 Good Huck Charm 12 11 Semi Pro
3 Afternoon Delight 2:00 Bye Dizzy Daddy
Diamondback Schedule
Team Score Score Team
T Blue Man Group 15 8 Hucker?
R 2 Girls, 1 Cup 15 10 Grape Googly Moogly
1 2 Girls, 1 Cup 13 8 Hucker?
1 Blue Man Group Grape Googly Moogly
2 Grape Googly Moogly Hucker?
2 Blue Man Group 12:15 Bye 2 Girls, 1 Cup
3 Blue Man Group 8 15 2 Girls, 1 Cup
3 Grape Googly Moogly 2:00 Bye Hucker?
Bobcat Schedule
Team Score Score Team
T Wikki Wakka 13 4 Hammer Cheese
R Fall Chickens 14 11 Double Rainbows
1 Wikki Wakka 10:30 Bye Double Rainbows
1 Fall Chickens 10:30 Bye Hammer Cheese
2 Wikki Wakka 15 11 Double Rainbows
2 Fall Chickens Hammer Cheese
3 Wikki Wakka 11 7 Fall Chickens
3 Double Rainbows Hammer Cheese
Coyote Schedule
Team Score Score Team
T Drunk 'n' Discorderly 13 6 Rue the Day
R Bubblegum 15 4 Grey Hares
1 Bubblegum 10:30 Bye Rue the Day
1 Drunk 'n' Discorderly 10:30 Bye Grey Hares
2 Bubblegum 15 10 Rue the Day
2 Drunk 'n' Discorderly 8 12 Grey Hares
3 Drunk 'n' Discorderly 10 15 Bubblegum
3 Grey Hares Rue the Day
Team Score Score Team
S1 Wikki Wakka 6 15 Bubblegum
S2 Good Huck Charm 14 12 2 Girls, 1 Cup
Team Score Score Team
F Bubblegum 6 15 Good Huck Charm

Playoff Rules

The same as General League Rules with the following exceptions:

  • Points:

    All games to 15

    Pool Play

    • Games to 13
    • Win by 2
    • Cap at 15

    Semis & Finals

    • Games to 15
    • Win by 2
    • Cap at 17
  • Caps:

    For capping purposes, a point is considered to begin immediately after the preceding goal is scored.

    • Softcap at 20 minutes before end of game
      • Add two to highest score.
      • Play to the lesser of 'highest + 2' or 13 for pool play, 15 for finals.
      • First to that score wins (no need to win by 2).
    • Hard cap at 10 minutes before end of game
      • Finish the current point. The game is over unless it's a tie.
      • If the game is tied, play one more point.
    • If the lights go out before a game is officially over, the game will end immediately. If the disc is in the air when the lights go out and it is caught in the dark in the end zone for a score, it will count. In any other situation, the game will immediately end even if it is mid-point. If the game is tied, the game will be scored as a tie.

If you have any questions, please contact the director.