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last updated 1/17/04

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  • What is League?
  • Ultimate Frisbee League is a co-ed league offered twice a year by Valley of the Sun Ultimate Association (VOTS). The goal of league is twofold:

    1. to introduce new players to the sport of Ultimate 
    2. to provide a place for all levels of players to play in a competitive team-oriented atmosphere 

  • What is Ultimate Frisbee?
  • Ultimate Frisbee is a high energy, non-contact team sport. It combines elements of many different sports including soccer, basketball, and football. Ultimate is played on a rectangular shaped field with end zones shaped like football end zones. Each team consists of seven players. The disc is passed from teammate to teammate until somebody catches the disc in the end zone for a score.

  • When & Where are games held?
  • Regular Games
    Thursday nights
    March 4 - May 6, 2004
    6-8 pm or 8-10 pm

    League playoffs
    Saturday May 8, 2003
    2 pm -11 pm

    All games, regular season and playoffs, will be held at Tempe Diablo.

  • Do I need to have a team to sign up?
  • Nope! All players sign up as individuals and are placed on teams in a manner which evens out the number of beginner, intermediate, and advanced players per team.

  • How much does league cost and how do I register?
  • $18   If payment is received (hand-delivery, online, or postmarked) by Tuesday, February 17, 2004.
    $25   If payment received on or before Thursday, February 26, 2004. 

    You can register either online or by printing a registration form and mailing it or delivering at a practice.

    Space is limited to 176 men and 96 women, so sign up soon! 

  • Do I need to know how to play?
  • Absolutely not! In fact, you don't even need to know how to throw a disc. We teach all new players the rules and strategies of Ultimate as well as the basic throws. As a new player, you (along with other new players) will be placed on a team with other moderate to experienced players who will show you the ropes and teach you the game.

  • Is there anyplace to play before league starts?
  • Absolutely. Call our hotline at 602-230-4139. You will hear a recorded message of all the practices/scrimmages scheduled. Listen for any labeled as 'Open'. These practices are open to all players.

  • What do I need to play?

  • You will need to bring:

    1. Non-metal cleats (or tennis shoes if you don't have cleats) 
    2. A white and dark shirt (a team shirt will be provided for league only) 
    3. Water (you'll get thirsty) 

  • Do players socialize?

  • Heck Yes!! Post game festivities will take place at Old Chicago Pasta and Pizza (and Beer). In the past, the crowd at Old Chicago has been large and fun.

  • Anything else?

    1. Alcohol IS permitted on the field in cups and cans. No glass is allowed.
    2. Any underage participant in violation of the Arizona alcohol consumption laws or any adult participant who furnishes alcohol to or purchases alcohol for an underage participant is subject to immediate suspension from league for the duration of Fall League.
    3. Under NO circumstances should anybody drive onto the fields. Tempe has refurbished the fields and they look pretty darned nice. We will get busted and may lose our rights to reserve fields in the future if anybody drives on the fields.
    4. All players are strongly encouraged to leave dogs at home. Please choose to bring your dogs out on practice nights only. If you do bring your dogs out, they MUST be tied up. This is in direct response to police complaints regarding dogs running loose at VOTS events. 

  • For more information email Keith Aspinall