VOTS Spring 2018, photo by Quan Nguyen

Fall League 2004 ~ Playoffs

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Pool A
Endzone Eyes
Crab Scratchers
Zen and the Art of Stack Maintenance
Team 9 from Outer Space
Pool B
Supafresh Yo!
Naked Twister
Dude, Where's My Huck?!
Citius Altius Huck2us
Pool C
Grapes of Grass
Yellow Snow
Pulp Fliction
Flicks and Hammers of Outrageous Fortune
Pool D
Much Ado About Hucking
Live and Let Fly

Playoff Rules

Pool Winner determination

  1. Pool Record
  2. Pool Point Differential among tied teams
  3. Overall Pool Point Differential
  4. Head-to-head record in regular season
  5. Regular Season record
  6. Season Point Differential