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Friday Night Flights 2017 ~ Payment & Confirmation


2 Nights: $10

3 Night League: $15

4 Night League: $18

There will be single night options as well after this initial registration closes for $5/night. If you know you are available for 3 or less dates, please fill out the registration with the marked dates, but do not pay anything at this time.

Note: You do not need a PayPal account to pay through PayPal.
PayPal supports most major credit cards and simply offers a means of transaction.

Information Confirmation

Below is a list of registrants for FNF, in order of registration. Payment status is updated daily.

If your registration is marked PAYMENT NEEDED you can use the button below to pay your league fee.
If you believe your status is in error or have a problem with the system, please contact Katherine Nabity (

If you have submitted a registration, but decide not to play league, please notify Keith immediately!

Page last updated: 03/30/17, 14:03