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Winter Women's League 2011, Schedule & Results

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(win-loss, point differential between tied teams, head-to-head, then alphabetical)

Teams Win Lose Pt. Diff.
Smurfettes 2 1 +0
2 2 -1
Angry Birds 1 2 +1

All games at Benedict, Field #1.

Tues. Nov 29th
Team Score Score Team
Smurfettes 11 13 White
Bye: Angry Birds
Thurs. Dec. 1st
Team Field Team
White 12 4 Angry Birds
Bye: Smurfettes
Tues. Dec. 6th
Team Field Team
Smurfettes 10 9 White
Bye: Angry Birds
Thurs. Dec 8th
Team Field Score Team
Angry Birds 11 12 Smurfettes
Bye: White
Tues. Dec 13th
Rescheduled for Dec. 20th
Team Field Team
Angry Birds Smurfettes
Bye: White
Thurs. Dec 15th
Team Field Team
White 5 10 Angry Birds
Bye: Smurfettes

Subject to Change

If you have any questions, contact the League Director, Tim Streit