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Wednesday COED League 2010 ~ Teams

League Information |  Registration |  Teams |  Schedule & Results |  League Rules  

Teams and team colors will be posted before the first night of league. Please, check back!

captains are in bold

Snow White and the 6 Dudes

Smokey Made Me Do It



Amanda Westlake
Keith Aspinall
Angel Bishop
Clay Patterson
Eric Cope
Bella de la Garza
Stephanie Duncan
Joel Espino
Roland Fischer
Eric Francisco
Leslie Frey
Crystal Hall
Emily Haydon
Kara Horowitz
Lisa Malo
Margo Tangeman
Michelle Whitlock

Marnie Wong
Alicia Bartholomew
Theodore Bland
Elizabeth Hamant
Kevin Hatch
Greg Howell
Pauline Moleski
Kaysi Oliphant
Cosmo Pearl
Cheryl Piroli
Josiah Roberts
Clint Roos
Sara Simmons
Kelly Smith
Laura Smolinski
Sarah Youngblood

Kasie Mathena
Kelsea Beyer
Catherine Boddie
Ariel Borg
Debbie Christensen
Greg Heflin
Sarah Kessans
Monika Kotowski
Tamara Lawless
Rebecca Lynn
Bob Martin
Quan Nguyen
Liesl Pimentel
Tim Streit
Nick Sutton
Nate Tanner

Nicole George
Brent Armstrong
Amber Barney
Betsy Basch
Eric Bay
Duane Bigelow
Kory Boeckler
Allyson Brennan
Christina Caputo
Kaetlynn Daoust
Marlene Gomez
Jill Mayer
Tim Mealy
Sharon Minogue
Ashley Stahl
Phillip Stephens

If you have any questions, please contact the director, Tim Streit.