VOTS Spring 2018, photo by Quan Nguyen

Spring League 2021 ~ Information


About Ultimate and VOTS Leagues

Ultimate Frisbee is a high energy, non-contact team sport. It combines elements of many different sports including soccer, basketball, and football. Ultimate is played on a rectangular shaped field with end zones shaped like football end zones. Each team consists of seven players. The disc is passed from teammate to teammate until somebody catches the disc in the end zone for a score.

The Valley of the Sun Ultimate Association (VOTS) organizes adult leagues (18 and up, ages 16-17 with parental waiver) with two primary goals in mind:

  1. to introduce new players to the sport of Ultimate.
  2. to provide a place for all levels of players to play in a competitive, team-oriented atmosphere.

We will be playing by USAU 2020-21 rule set.

How is league structured?

General Info

COVID-19 Rules and Guidelines (Updated 10/26/20)

In order to protect our fellow members and guests, as well as to satisfy requirements for field usage, the Valley of the Sun Ultimate Association (VOTS) has adopted rules and guidelines relating to COVID-19. Following these rules and guidelines is a requirement to participate in VOTS events. Failure to adhere to them is grounds for removal from VOTS events.

  1. Attendees will self-screen for symptoms on the day of the VOTS event, prior to arrival, and will not attend if currently or previously symptomatic or tested positive for COVID-19 until meeting Release from Isolation Guidance.
  2. Attendees will follow the Maricopa County Dept. of Public Health Quarantine Guidance for Household and Close Contacts including the provision for those who live in the same home or were in close contact (within 6 feet for longer than 10 minutes) with someone with COVID-19 being asked not to attend for 14 days after last contact with the person with COVID-19.
  3. Attendees will sanitize hands upon arrival.
  4. All attendees must wear masks covering nose and mouth during arrival and departure and when on the sidelines or not playing in the event. Spectators must wear masks covering nose and mouth during arrival and departure and throughout the event on or in proximity to the field or sidelines.
  5. All attendees should maintain 6-foot distancing from anyone not in their household during arrival and departure as well as all times on sidelines.
  6. Game discs will be sanitized prior to the game and again at halftime if they have been used or more often if instructed by event organizers or directors.
  7. Social gatherings before and after the game are not allowed. Attendees should leave the field wearing masks after the conclusion of the game.
  8. Only one ultimate field will be placed on a soccer field. Only one team will gather on and use each opposite sideline and will stay off the opposing team’s sideline. Each team will have ample space to gather away from the opposing team and close team huddles should be avoided. High fives, hugs and similar contact should be avoided.
  9. Players are encouraged to wear a mask as much as possible and should consider pulling up a mask when marking an opponent in possession of the disc.

Do I need to know how to play?

Absolutely not! We teach all new players basic throws as well as the rules and strategies of ultimate throughout the season. As a new player, you will be placed on a team with moderate to experienced players who will show you the ropes and teach you the game.

What do I need to play?

You will need to bring:

  1. Non-metal cleats (or tennis shoes if you don't have cleats).
  2. Water (you'll get thirsty).

Anything else?

As per General League Policies:

  1. Dogs are Not allowed at Scottsdale Sports Center.
  2. No glass is allowed on the fields.
  3. Under NO circumstances should anybody drive onto the fields.

Spring League 2021 League Registration

Do I need to have a team to sign up?

No! All players sign up as individuals and are placed on teams which even out the number of beginner, intermediate, and advanced players per team.

Can I play on the same team as my friends?

A new player can sign up to be "baggage" with another player.

The concept of baggage is designed to introduce brand NEW PLAYERS to the sport by allowing them play on a team with someone they know. You will have the opportunity to list the person you are bagging with on the registration form. (ONE only, please.) Baggage isn't intended to ensure that couples & carpoolers get to play together, but effort will be made to grant these requests. Request approvals will be left to the discretion of the league director. While we try to accommodate preferences, we reserve the right to refuse baggage requests.

What is the player cap and the wait list?

Initial player caps of 48 men and 20 women. A wait list will be instituted *before* these caps are met to avoid over-filling or if one side of the registration (men's or women's) out-paces the other. If registration switches to a wait list, please, still sign up for league. The number of teams may be expanded if there is enough interest. Registration closes March 24th.

How much does league cost?

The fee for league registration is $36. This league will not include a jersey or disc.

If you have problems using PayPal, please email Katherine at webmaster@vots.org.

If you have already completed and submitted a registration form, but still need to complete payment, please, use the button below or on the Confirmation/Pay page. Note: Payment made without filling out the registration form will not count as a registration.

How do I register?

Fill out the form linked below:

Special League Deal for New Women

As has recently been the case with our smaller leagues, especially during this pandemic, the low numbers of women registering to play is causing a problem with the ability to run this upcoming league as a mixed gender league as we would like.

So we would like to extend an offer to newer women (you or your FRIENDS—please recruit players for our league!) to play this league for free. If a woman is new to the sport, even having played 1-2 leagues in the past, we will waive the league fee to let her play this league at no cost. (This offer will be retroactive to include those already registered). So go find those people that you have been thinking of bringing to VOTS league and invite them to join (or rejoin) us this spring!

Update, 3/25/21, 11:24: Registrations for BOTH MEN & WOMEN will now go to the WAIT LIST.
If you are still interested in playing, please, submit your information, but DO NOT PAY until you've been instructed to do so by a league representative.

Spring League 2021 Registration

Fee for Spring League 2021 is: $36

Confirm Your Registration / Payment Status

Subject to change.

For more information, contact Tim Streit.