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Teams will play one game a week on either Tuesdays or Thursdays from February 3 through March 31. Games begin at 6pm and 8pm. Playoffs are scheduled for Saturday, April 2, but that is not yet confirmed.

Complete both the registration information AND the waiver and give your form and payment to a league representative at the fields (Jim Tolar or Keith Aspinall). If a signed waiver is not received and/or a check is not included, you will not be included in the draft and will NOT be permitted to play.

A $4 rebate will be given for each new female recruit a returning player gets to sign up for league. Total rebate may not exceed league fee. Recruits must be new to ultimate. Both recruit and recruiter must sign up on or before January 16 for the recruiter to receive the bonus, and list each other on the sign-up form. Rebates will be distributed during the first week of league.

Space is limited to 176 men and 96 women. If you sign up after league is full, you will be notified and your entry fee will be returned.
Registration & waiver forms may be mailed to*
VOTS Spring League c/o Jim Tolar
2554 S. Salida del Sol
Mesa, AZ 85202
*no forms mailed after Sunday, January 16
Check made out to VOTS
$20 if paid on or before Sunday, January 16.
$25 if paid by Tuesday, January 25

*** no registrations will be accepted after January 25

Name: Email (very important):
Complete Address:
Contact Phone: Player Level (see below): Athletic Rank (see below): Shirt Size (S, M, L, XL):
Sex (M/F): Age: Name(s) of Recruits/Recruiter:
Number of nights you
expect to miss:
Specific dates you expect
to miss and other notes

Self-rated Player Level. Please choose an appropriate rank number using the following as a general guideline.
0 You are a Rookie (absolute beginner). 
1 You know the basic rules of the game. You have played in pick-up games but may have never played in an organized rec league. Your forehand and backhand are improving on the sideline but are still inconsistent during the game. 
2 You may have played in at least one organized rec league before. You know how to stack. You know what 'Force Home' means. You can throw the forehand well on the sideline, but still throw it away in a game.
3 You may have played in multiple leagues. You have a good understanding of the rules and offensive and defensive strategy. You can throw a decent forehand and backhand accurately during the game. You are considered to be among the top half of Ultimate players in the valley.
4 You are a better than average to advanced player. You have played in numerous team ultimate tournaments. You can break the mark. You have very strong catches and throws. You have a excellent understanding of offensive and defensive strategy. You are considered to be among the top 25% of the Ultimate players in the valley.
5 You are considered to be among the top 10% of players in the valley.

Self-rated Athletic Rank. Please choose an appropriate rank number using the following as a general guideline based on height, speed, jumping ability, quickness, etc.
1 I am a below average athlete. 
2 I am an average athlete.
3 I am an above average athlete.
4 I am an outstanding athlete.



All persons on all teams of VOTS sanctioned or sponsored events must sign this form prior to the start of the VOTS event. For VOTS Tournaments, team captains must turn in their team's completed form(s) to the Event Director or other designated VOTS representative prior to the commencement of play. For VOTS Leagues, each player must turn in their completed form along with their registration. Failure to turn in the form will result in disqualification from the League or Tournament with a refund of fees paid.

Players, please sign below. If you are under 18 years of age, your parent/guardian must also sign.

  1. I AGREE to abide by the rules of Ultimate and I ACKNOWLEDGE that my participation in the VOTS sponsored League or Tournament may be suspended for violations thereof;
  2. I WAIVE, RELEASE, & DISCHARGE from any and all claims or liabilities for death, personal injury, property damage, theft or damages of any kind which arise out of or relate to my participation in VOTS sponsored events, whether on or off the field of play, THE FOLLOWING PERSONS OR ENTITIES: VOTS, its volunteers, committee members, officials, observers, registered participants, sponsors, advertisers, owners or lessors of premises and each of their officers, agents and/or employees;
  3. I HEREBY ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBITY FOR ANY RISK OF BODILY INJURY, DEATH OR PROPERTY DAMAGE incurred while participating in the VOTS events. I EXPRESSLY ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE that VOTS events/activities can be dangerous and may involve the risk of serious injury, death and/or property damage. I ACKNOWLEDGE that the Sport of Ultimate is an extreme test of a person's physical and mental limits and I CERTIFY that I am physically fit, have trained sufficiently for participation in Ultimate events and have not been advised against participation in Ultimate events by a qualified medical person; and
  4. I understand that VOTS does not screen players for any medical condition beyond each player's self-reporting of fitness for play; and
  5. I EXPRESSLY AGREE that this release / waiver is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the law of the State or Province in which the League or Event is conducted and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect.
I HAVE READ AND VOLUNTARILY SIGNED THIS RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY and I agree that no oral representations, statements or inducements apart from this written agreement have been made to induce my participation in VOTS Events or Activities.

This release / waiver specifically embraces each and every Event sanctioned, authorized or promoted by the persons and/or entities mentioned above.
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Printed Name Signature Date
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Parent's Name (if you are under 18) Parent's Signature Date

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